TMCP #502: Jeff Allison Returns – His Journey of Automotive Adventures: Building Cars, Shops, and YouTube Channels!

Allison Customs at SEMA 2018: Ron Francis Wiring Booth



Jeff Allison – Project Car TV YouTube Star

Every fifty episodes or so I check in with my great friend and automotive brother Jeff Allison. Over ten years ago Jeff offered to build my family Chevelle into something spectacular. Since then his shop (Allison Customs) ha grown and he’s become a famous YouTube star to boot. Believe it or not, but he can even cook! This interview is a catch-up on my favorite renaissance man.

Jeff Allison Customs
*Jeff Allison Customs in his cramped shop 2013

Jeff loves to learn new things and his YouTube channel Project Car TV is proof of this. The channel mostly deals with his passion for all things automotive and body work, but many other topics filter in and makes for some diversified content. All content comes from active projects done for Allison Customs customer needs as well as his own personal interests.

One topic that recently caught people interest was the installation of a “home-made” in floor radiant heat system for Jeff’s shop. Never one to sit back and just let others do the work, he tackled the task when putting in yet another work bay. The video has over 100,000 views already and is titled: Can you Heat your Shop with a $200 Water Heater?

Many projects roll through Allison Customs in various stages of need. Previous projects include Jerems SEMA attending Chevelle, and Vincent Aiello’s 1968 Mustang. Viewers of the channel have seen huge changes to vehicles that is the long run become invisible except to the most discerning viewer. One current project is an old school Scout that has had many different changes including different wheel openings and a complete frame-off clean up. There is always something interesting going on in Jeff’s show.

You can find out more about Jeff and Allison Customs at, or if you would like to watch him work you can check out Project Car TV on YouTube.

Thanks, Brother!

-Rob Kibbe

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