TMCP #481: MOPARTY Special #1 – James Smith, Jumping the General Lee – Blake Anderman DIY Hemi, Hemi Swapped AAR Cuda – John O’Malley Boosted Motorsports, Hellkota Hellcat Swapped Dakota


Holley Moparty 2021 – Special Episode #1:


General Lee and James Smith at Holley Moparty 2021 (After Jump)

Today’s guest is a lot of friends that we got to catch up with at the Second Annual Holley Moparty event in Bowling Green Kentucky. Justin “Corndog” Cornette, my cohost on the Kibbe and Friends show, and myself attended the event and captured the feeling of the gathering in some great interviews with old and new friends. 

Blake Anderman DIY HEMIs: Back in Episode 285 I interviewed Blake and he was starting to post a lot of great information on his website about installing new Hemi’s into old cars and trucks. He was creating a community and a sense that engine swaps did not have to be astronomically expensive. When I found out he was at Moparty I had to get an update about what has been happening. It seems that Blake has been very busy and has added a line of parts you can buy or build yourself at his website We got to see a lot of those parts first hand on his Hemi swapped AAR Cuda.

James Smith Stuntman, General Jump: Any good Mopar event features General Lee clones. A great Mopar event may feature a General Lee jump. An amazing Mopar event features a General Lee driving around on its side two wheels AND a jump from a ramp to the flat ground. The one and only man that does all of that is James Smith who is also a friend of the show. In this interview we get the background behind the jump car and spoiler alert, you will not be mad that another Charger has been destroyed. We were also able to get Kevin Waterman to join the conversation and he is another great stunt driver that brought his own drift General. He has worked with James on numerous events and gave the stunt show a kick of tire smoke and sideways sliding action, just like the Duke boys! You can check out James Smith’s website, featuring some great shots from the Moparty Jump, at You can check out Kevin Waterman at his stunt business website

John O’Malley, Boosted Motorsports: Holley Moparty contained more engine swapped vehicles in one place than I have ever seen before.  John O’Malley was able to swap more than just the drivetrain into his 1999 Dakota R/T, he swapped everything but the sheet metal from a 2019 Charger Hellcat. Boosted Motorsports has done all sorts of go fast swaps in the past but this build went a but further by swapping out the full vehicle body harness and the dash. Under the hood it looks just like a factory Hellcat equipped Dakota would, if they had made one. Inside the cab, there is a full, door to door, Dodge Charger dash and he even pointed out that he can use the original Charger key fobs to unlock the doors. He said he was missing a sensor to make the remote start work too. There were many things about this build that would not have been noticed unless John pointed it out and everything looked very stock. He started out just wanting a fast truck, and now it is so nice that he may not want to take it to the track. You can find out more at or follow along at or


Thanks Holley for putting on Moparty in 2021!

-Rob Kibbe


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