TMCP #475: Kevin Brown of Junkyard Digs – The Future of Car YouTube, The Next Big Thing, and Finding Old Cars to Drive Home


Junkyard Digs Kevin Brown

Gambler 500 Pontiac LeMans in its original environment

This week marks the return of a now even more famous previous guest! Last time I interviewed Kevin Brown, his YouTube channel “Junkyard Digs” was just starting to gain attention of the automotive community and he was making videos between college classes and military deployments. In fact, his time in the service allowed him to edit his videos in a social media vacuum that let him fill his channel with content made the way he thinks it should be made instead of swaying to popular criticisms. Apparently Kevin was right and Junkyard Digs is now almost as popular as the original Roadkill videos on the same platform.

Much has happened since the first interview last March (TMCP 426) so I asked Kevin back to get caught up on how he is doing with the show, and his plans for the future. Media is ever changing and as one form dies another rises to take its place. TV and Magazines have altered significantly, and now YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and even Podcasts are the new normal. However…..Kevin knows that there is a season for everything, and he’s preparing for his future. He is working towards the goal of (eventually) shifting YouTube a hobby again and to build up other aspects  of the Junkyard Digs LLC business to supplement the income.

That said, the business shift will not occur anytime soon. Junkyard Digs is frankly – KILLING IT – right now! Kevin has been able to network with other YouTube stars and corporations to increase his viewership. Junkyard Digs has even been invited to be the draw at events like the QA1 Open House or the Street Machine Nationals and show off cars like the Gambler 500 LeMans. If you want to know more or get caught up on the large catalog of videos you can find Junkyard Digs on or on

Thanks Kevin!

-Rob Kibbe


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