K&F Show #98: Dukes of Hazzard Review – S4E13: Hughie Hogg Strikes Again







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Welcome back, small push bar! Image: Warner Bros

Dukes Review – S4E13: “Hughie Hogg Strikes Again”

So, the main plot line in this episode is that Hughie Hoog is back to d bad things, but what you really need to know is that this episode marks the return of the small pushbar General Lee!  And…after this episode it will disappear again. This episode was aired out of order from filming, thus the hullaballoo. Anyway, here’s the show summary: Master of disguise Hughie Hogg is back, with a scheme to help Uncle Boss take over Cooter’s garage to build his long dreamed of Hoggominimiums. The only problem? He has to force Cooter to default on his second mortgage payment so that he can immediately foreclose. The deviousness of it all. And Cooter – being the only mechanic in town – is rolling in work opportunity. So Boss gets Hughie to trick Cooter into jail, thereby leaving the Dukes to solve all the problems and right the wrongs. Hughie does the whole thing using multiple disguises and a class C motorhome with a Dodge running gear of course, and a bees nest is involved at the end. Bees make honey, and honey is something Bears like to eat. Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica.

Legit Episode Info:

Season 4 Episode 13 – “Hughie Hogg Strikes Again
Original Airdate: 12/18/81
Written by William Raynor and Myles Wilder
Directed By Hollingsworth Morse:




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