K&F Show #97: The Official Launch of Kibbe and Friends…with a Feature Interview by Cooter Himself: Ben Jones!







Kibbe and Friends – The official Inaugural Episode!

Welcome to the official launch of the Kibbe and Friends Show with myself, Justin “Corndog” Cornette, and Show Producer Bernie McPartland! How can we be launching a brand new show on it’s 97th episode, you ask? Excellent question. The Kibbe and Friends show is effectively the second phase of what originally started as the Kibbe and Finnegan Show (which got it’s start as just a segment on yet a different show) and show #97 is the next one in the cue. Our approach is akin to how Colonel Potter replaced Henry Blake on M*A*S*H than how Coy and Vance replaced Bo and Luke on the Dukes. But, since we’re continuing the show format of cars, pop culture, news(ish), and Dukes of Hazzard reviews it only seemed fitting to keep the train rolling…which is why we’re starting in on #97. Plus Finnegan will be on every now and then still as well as other fun friends you’ll want to hear from too. With this show we’re basically setting up the Boars Nets for the entire automotive media world to swing through for a couple watered down beers, stale popcorn, and fantastic waitresses.

You can find every episode here on The MuscleCar Place as well as iTunes, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, and Google Plan. From time to time we’ll also be posting video clips and (and even) full shows to The MusceCar Place YouTube channel.  If you click the “Download” link at the top of this post you’ll be able to stream it on your phone directly. You can also pull the RSS feed as well.

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-Rob Kibbe



Still here – still cool – and we haven’t changed the logo…yet!

Kibbe and Finnegan Shirts – Last Call!

For those of you that genuinely wanted some Kibbe and Finnegan merch….you are in total luck. We had absolutely zero time to get the logo switch made, so as of this very second…the old Kibbe and Finnegan “jump car” shirt is still available for the taking. As soon as we have the logo switch complete, we’ll pull this off the market except for special occasion, such as the 4th of July, SEMA, and National Floorlamp Appreciate Day.  Visit KFSHOWSHIRTS.com!


Ben Cooter Jones – Live and in Person!

Feature Interview: Cooter!

Breaker one, breaker one, it’s Cooter on the show! No fooling, Ben Jones himself came on for a full feature interview! Believe it or not, but he’s actually heard our show….and liked it!

Listen in to hear his behind the scenes stories and juicy stories from the Dukes (and yes, we did touch onBo and Luke leaving and returning) and an awesome insight into his time on Smokey and the Bandit where he delivered the most profitable four words he ever spoke on screen: “I ain’t seen him.” In addition to being our favorite and most beloved mechanic, Mr. Jones was a two-term congressman from Georgia and is a successful entrepreneur as owner of his multiple “Cooter’s”museum locations.

At the end of January there will be a 40th anniversary celebration of the first episode of the Dukes at his Cooter’s location in Nashville. The cast will be present for autographs and appearances, the band will play, and they’ll even screen the first episode to a 500-person audience. Full details are available here:


Special thanks to Mark Bradley for setting this up!


The KF Show is on Patreon. The KF Show on Patreon Is Sweet!

The all new Kibbe and Friends edition of the show – with Kibbe, Corndog, and Bernie has debuted – and thank you so much to the multitude of you who have joined in, stepped up your pledge, and have (basically) made it known that you wanted us to keep going and growing. We’re still in, and it’s our goal to make Patreon the place in 2019 far more than ever before. To get in on the action and support the show with a minor financial contribution just click the link below to sign up and get started! We have $2, $5 , and $10 monthly options available. You ROCK!


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