K&F Show #46: Baa Baa White Sheep – S3 Episode 7 of The Dukes of Hazzard…and welcome to GREATS!






Episode 46

Welcome to Episode #46 of the Kibbe and Finnegan show! If you’re new to the show, Mike Finnegan and I have taken our Dukes of Hazzard fandom and turned it into a full fledged automotive podcast Gong Show of sorts, completed with a full episode review from The Dukes of Hazzard. It’s every 40-year-old’s dream, right?





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KF Show 46:

Witty Banter = Seth MacFarlane!

For those of you that love the “witty banter” portion of this episode, this one….gets a little out of hand. See, we got this awesome e-mail from listener Garrett Immel. It turns out that he a professional Hollywood make-up guy who works on The Orville, the new Seth MacFarlane space odyssey TV show on FOX. Kibbe watches it, and Finnegan wants to watch it. It’s basically Star Trek TNG meets Family Guy, but clean. Surprisingly enough, from here it derailed into a discussion of Finnegan’s friends that were dumped by chicks after paying for their “cosmetic improvement” procedures.


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That’s right. There’s two of them. The guy in black is good, and the guy in white isn’t. Classic! Image: Warner Bros.

Dukes of Hazzard S3E7: Baa Baa White Sheep

K&F Show Summary:

This is the show of shows, and it could only happen in the 80’s. Boss Hogg meets his long lost identical twin brother, Abraham Lincoln Hogg. It’s not a welcome meeting though, as Abe is the generous and good ying to Boss’s greedy and devious yang. Need more chicanery? Abe wears a black suit and drives a black Caddy convertible. That comes in later. As you have likely already guessed, Boss had a scheme cooked up to steal Abe’s inheritance that now requires of him to impersonate his brother by changing into and out of his clothes multiple times in a broom closet. The General does an epic jump over a car carrier and Daisy runs in slow motion while wearing a particularly stringy tank top. And Bo’s not in this one at all for some reason. Hijinks ensue.

K&F Rating: 10 Mutual Corndogs!

Legit Show Info:
Season 3 – Episode 7 “Baa Baa White Sheep”
Airdate: 12/5/80
Written by William Raynor & Myles Wilder – and they have a good track record with us
Directed by Dick Moder

This Black and white photo was the basis for a set of future Dukes of Hazzard trading cards!

Corndog’s Super Insider Analysis:

– 3:40 – At the beginning of the episode, Al Wyatt is driving the 1958/59 Chevrolet pickup with the newspapers blowing out of the bed.

– 9:28 – When Rosco pulled up in the patrol car, and opens the door, you can see “#241” written on the inside of the door. I would have to imagine that this was from when the car was being used as an actual police car. You can also see a green punch label stuck in the jamb.

– 15:28 – When Daisy and Luke pull up in the General and start chasing “Benny The Quill” on foot, if you look careful , you’ll see that Daisy is wearing tennis shoes instead of her trademark heels. It was easy to miss if you were watching something else while she was running. 🙂

– 25:44 – When Benny is about to drive under the flatbed trailer, you will notice that the wheels on the trailer is sitting up on blocks… to give extra clearance under the trailer. Beeny’s Triumph goes under the trailer and the General Lee jumps over the trailer. This jump footage was from the Georgia episode “High Octane” (S1 E5). The car is LEE 2 and the jump took place at the intersection of GA Hwy 20 and Bethal Rd. just outside of Conyers, GA.

– 31:02 – When Luke and Daisy were going to Finchburg, the ’69 Charger that was jumped had single exhaust. This would have either been a 318 car or a low performance 383 car. judging by the shape of the transmission pan, it looks like a 904 trans, which would make it a 318 car.

– 34:03 – After Luke and Daisy break Abraham out of the Finchburg jail, and they are driving past the roadblock (black Cadillac), you can see the General slide into a tree and smashing the passenger side door and quarter panel. There was a heavy shadow on the car, so you really couldn’t tell how bad the damage really was.

– 40:13 – When Luke jumps the GL over the State Trooper’s car, his was always a great looking jump. As it hits the ground, we can see the passenger side front wheel get shoved back into the firewall and if you look carefully, you can see where the unibody flexes so much that you can see a large cap between the wing glass frame and the A-pillar.

This smashed General is one of two that were used to jump the car carrier. Think he still runs?
Note the clipped front pushbar…

– 44:50 – The General Lee jump on the square was a very risky stunt to do. You have been there before and know how tight everything is. First off, when the car is flying through the air, you can see that the lower section of the pushbar (below the bumper) was cut off. This was common on jump cars the keep the pushbars from digging into the ramps. You might also notice that the roof of the red Karmann Ghia (under the General) is crushed… it did not appear to be crushed in the scene as they approach the ramp. It is to my understanding that this jump took two attempts. The first car jumped actually landed on the Karma Ghia and then tumbled down from the top of the trailer. Attached is a picture of the wrecked General from the first jump. The second jump wasn’t much better. Just before the camera cuts away, you can see that the General Lee actually lands on the top of the trailer, straddling the ramp. This car would have had to suffer much damage as well.

One last “did-bit”… there were many photos taken during this episode for the 1980 trading cards. For whatever reason, four very similar photos of Tom and Cathy were used, and only one of Rosco and one of Flash.


Dream Board Update: Goals to Accomplish Before Episode 200

Coca Cola Corporation take note. This is how awesome sponsoring our show would be. Even when driving Ferrari F-430 race prepped track cars Kibbe can only think about how refreshing a Diet Coke would be.

1. Get Diet Coke to Sponsor us….or just Kibbe. FAILED

2. Be characters in the Disney/Pixar movie, Cars 3. Finnegan is the General. Kibbe…is wishing he was the General. FAILED.

3. Syndicate the show onto TV and radio, having awesome guests in studio, with Dale Earnhardt Jr. on regularly to be our best friend.

4. Get John Schneider himself on the show with us. Pray to God he actually likes us and isn’t freaked out.

5. Blow up the podcast so that it becomes a regular weekly show, interviewing celebrities, and actually providing a living for us capable of allowing us to race cars anytime we want plus let our wives get the shoes they like.

6. Get our own studio.

7. We each get a General Lee (real car – not a toy).

8. Get a Voiceover Guy to announce the segments.

9. Jump a car together. Kibbe wants to go 30-feet vertical.

10. Make a Dream GL that is based off of a 1973 NASCAR Charger (like the 1/16th scale AMT model)

11. Kibbe needs a new wallet to replace his “George Costanza”.

12. Mike to get a new truck for legit towing. DONE!


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One Response

  1. This was actually the first episode to be produced for the third season, which is why Cooter – who would otherwise be clean shaven from the start of s3 onwards – still has a beard here, in fact, the fullest, bushiest beard we’d ever seen him with!

    This ‘first one filmed’ might also partly explain John Schneider is absent, as possibly he hadn’t returned from vaction/working on another role in between, yet. (I don’t have the script for this episode but I’d be that Bo featured in early drafts).

    It might also explain why Rick Hurst isn’t in it – with Sonny Shroyer leaving for his own spin-off series, it’s possible that Rick Hurst’s contract hadn’t been formalised yet.

    By the way, whilst I’m generally not such a fan of the whole “good/bad twin/lookalike/acting radically out of character” thing that the series loved to do so many variations of (this being the first real example of many), I do quite like this episode for Sorrel Booke’s wonderful dual turn (I wonder why they never bought Abe back again), and it’s only knocked down my list of particular favourites simply for feeling a bit empty without Bo. (There are also two s6 episodes where Luke but not Bo appears, save for a brief inserted cameo at the end).

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