K&F Show #211: From Junkyard Wreck to Living Legend: Dukes of Hazzard S7E01 Review “Happy Birthday General Lee”


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GL – Before the Dukes!

Dukes Review: S7E01

“Happy Birthday General Lee”

K&F Show Summary:

Dukes Review: It’s been nearly 6 months since the last episode of Season 6 aired, and in just 4 and a half months….it’ll all be over. The final season of the most beloved car show ever is about to begin, and while the original mission of Gy Waldron to have a non family friendly booze hustlin’ prostitute lovin’ inbred family mission was lost long ago, the final season is one we all have to look on with a grain of salt. The show that gave us so much joy, happiness, costly hobbies, costly careers…..is in it’s final launch. There’s plenty of bad this season (and I’m talking about more than the miniature cars being used for stunts) but there’s some good too! And luckily for us, the person to direct it knew just a little something about the fans of the show. Thomas Steven Wopat presents the birth of the General Lee and – whether he meant to or not – creates the canon of the entire series by answering what every little boy needed to know most.

The GL engine – as the Dukes built it (before they had the General)

Why are the doors welded shut? It’s here. What’s under the hood of the General? It’s here. Why is the General orange, with a rebel flag on the roof, a dixie horn under the hood, and why is it named General Lee? It’s here. More importantly, how does an old dead wreck from a junkyard become able to fly leaps and bounds, win every race, catch every bad guy, win every girl for the Duke Boys, respond to it’s name on command, be so much of a family member it gets it’s own birthday cake, and become the most magical car in the history of the known universe and the most famous car in the world? It’s here!

Legit Episode Info
Season 7, Episode 1
“Happy Birthday, General Lee”
Written by Si Rose
Directed by Tom Wopat

General Lee Reveal in Season 7 Episode 1 of the Dukes of Hazzard. Images: Warner Bros


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