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Today’s Car: Real TV General Lee!



This 69 Dodge Charger is one of the original 17 General Lee’s found on Warner Brothers lot.

This General Lee is also one of the 2 hero cars used in the latest Auto Trader Dukes of Hazzard commercials.
(There were 4 stunt cars which were made for the commercials, which jumped, crashed, etc).

This car was used for close-up interior shots of Schneider and Wopat driving the car.

There is a Warner Brothers letter and contract, both with the VIN number for this car.

Here are some interesting details concerning THIS General Lee.
1. There is a middle seat in the front for Daisy….built by the prop dept.
2. The car runs fine…..maybe a tiny bit of smoke when you first start it….until it warms up.
3. I’ve left the engine compartment original. No repaints, etc. Just the way it was found.
4. When I bought this GL it had quite a bit of bird droppings on it but instead of painting the car…I spent a lot of money just filling, patching and repainting tiny little spots on the top so I could honestly say it has about 80% original paint.

5. I hate autographs. Everyone I know has autographs of everyone…..however, I was offered an autograph from Schneider and Wopat when they were shooting the Auto Trader commercials in my car…..and I took the offer… they signed the vizor. I will discount the price a bit because of that. lol

I’m not showing the Warner Brothers documents and contract but If you do become a serious buyer….of course that would be made available for you before you spent ONE CENT.


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