TMCP #581: ASK RICK – Independence Day Special Edition! Growing Up Inside an All American Business – $25K American Investment Cars

It is JULY and time for another riveting Ask Rick segment where I ask him the tough questions! Happy Independence Day and make sure you stay safe with the fireworks. The Fourth is when we celebrate our independence and our freedom from oppression of the English monarchy by blowing up some stuff! This month I askeded Rick what his most memorable family tradition around this holiday and then I traveled with him down memory lane where he recalled his younger days and the early start of NPD. Growing up inside the All American business wasn’t always what it appears to be on the outside…and there are lessons to learn here about tenacity and the true cost of success. We also reviewed about all American vehicles to buy (for lest that $25,000) and hold for the best ROI in 5 years. Here’s a hint: Lil’ Red Express!

TMCP #551: Live From RoadKill Nights 2023 – Special Feature with Dodge! Interior and Exterior Design, 2024 Charger, Direct Connection, and Marketing for the USA!

This special bonus episode on The Muscle Car Place is brought to you live once again from the streets of Pontiac, Michigan! Our journeyman reporter Scott Stap was roadside at Woodard Avenue where the streets were closed and setup for LEGAL street drag racing at the annual RoadKill Nights event, presented by Dodge. Every year this event brings action, excitement, and new automotive experiences to Michigan (and visitors from other Midwestern states) automotive enthusiasts!

This episode is from “press day” where grudge match racers were introduced to reveal their drag race cars. Friday was a media only event and Scott was able to get his recorder and microphones in to talk to more Dodge insiders for a behind the scenes look at how the “donuts” of a muscle-car-loving OEM are actually. This was before Roadkill Nights opened to the public and there were a lot of people to talk to in a short period of time. He talked to old friends that have been on the show before as well as interviewing new guests that provided different angles and aspects of how Dodge designs and sells new muscle.

TMCP #550: Live From RoadKill Nights 2023: Special Feature – Talking to the Dodge Boys While Drag Racing On The Streets Of Woodward Ave In Pontiac Michigan

Live From RoadKill Nights 2023: Special Feature! Scotty Stap was onsite to talk to the OEM Dodge Boys While Drag Racing On The Streets Of Woodward Ave In Pontiac Michigan. This special feature episode on The Muscle Car Place is brought to you live from the streets of Pontiac Michigan. We were road side at Woodard Avenue where they closed the road and setup a drag strip for the event called RoadKill Nights. Every year RoadKill nights brings action, excitement, and new automotive experiences to Michigan (and other midwestern states) automotive enthusiasts. This year was no exception!

The main difference in the event this year was that they moved  North from its typical M1 Concourse location up to one block off from Downtown Pontiac. The car show was actually held on the streets of the famous southern Michigan town. This made the main event area a little tight and the Thrill Ride cars were ALWAYS sideways. As a result the ride itself was shorter but it was still a great event for 2023.

Our on the scene reporter Scott Stap was lucky enough to catch up with some old friends from Dodge and Stellantis who were on the “inside” track of all of the outgoing Chargers and Challengers. He also got some insight on the new Charger (electric) to come. That said, this was the final chance to talk about Dodge’s outgoing Last Call vehicles.Enjoy!

TMCP #524: SEMA Show 2022 Special #2: Finale Speed – Carbon Fiber 1970 Charger, Chad Seymour – High Horsepower from Direct Connection, Kevin Hellman – Dodge Last Call Special Editions, Mike Musto – Hemmings Hellcat Durango “Track Support Special!”

TMCP #524: SEMA Show 2022 Special #2: Finale Speed – Carbon Fiber 1970 Charger, Chad Seymour – High Horsepower from Direct Connection, Kevin Hellman – Dodge Last Call Special Editions, Mike Musto – Hemmings Hellcat Durango “Track Support Special!”

K&F Show #242: The Thanksgiving K-Cars Movie Review – Planes, Trains and Automobiles!

Presented with Holley! Phase 3 of Kibbe and Friends is officially here, and Holley is back for more fun, foolishness, and flying orange Chargers! Sure, you know Holley for making carburetors, fuel injection, exhaust, and other happy giving items….but did you know they also have wiper motor conversions for your classic ride? Boom. Your life has just changed! That’s right, Holley offers a wide range of kits under their Detroit Speed line of award winning suspension and electrical items, including the Selecta-Speed wiper kit. Frankly put, some people have said these kits are better than candy, puppies, and fireworks. We agree. A modern wiper kit on an old car makes it almost instantly into a usable daily driver again!

Check out ALL of their offerings of these magical kit lines at And when you buy your self something (or many somethings) make SURE you tell them we sent you!/p>

Movie Review: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!

The KF Show is off at SEMA 2022 this week! That’s good news though, because we’ll come back with plenty of stories and content for you. In the mean time we are kicking off the month of November with a “re-run” of our famous review of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles! 

So here’s the thing – when it comes to a Thanksgiving themed highly quotable slapstick-yet-tearjerker movie to review there’s really only one that is worthy of doing so for: Planes, Trains & Automobiles. Let’s admit it – John Hughes plus Steve Martin plus John Candy equals perfection. And yes, before you even say it, we have reviewed this movie years before with Finnegan (Episode 51) in fact. And yes…it was so funny then that, like this movie, it’s worth a repeat of because it’s as timeless as it gets….plus the re-enactment of the “you play with your balls” scene was pretty epic!

Better yet….the entire second hour on Patreon ( does a deeper dive on the car, the quotes, the unaired plot points that explained so much more, and another movie re-enactment of the most famous scene in the movie. You know the one….those aren’t pillows!

Kick back and enjoy – and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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TMCP #515: Live from Roadkill Nights 2022: Special Feature – Jeff Gale Dodge Chief Interior Designer, Justin Chizek Dodge Brand Manager, Kyumin Oh Durango Brand Manager, Herman Young Demonology

Welcome to Part 2 of our 2022 Dodge Reveals and Roadkill Nights coverage! We had so many great opportunities to speak with Dodge insiders that a second *Bonus* show was required to fit it all in. As with Episode 514, if you love inside OEM info on Dodge cars and marketing, this episode will leave you a little mind blown. Dodge insiders from the marketing brands and vehicle designers give great information about upcoming models as well as hints about what the future could bring. This episode is capped off with Herman Young, Dodge Demon drag racer and YouTuber. For people that want drag racing setup insight, listen twice!

TMCP #504: Rick Love from Vintage Air; Re-inventing Class Car A/C, Electric Compressor Evaluations, and Killer Hot Rod!

Every spring, when the weather starts to get warm, I like to talk to Rick Love, President of Vintage Air about new cold air products and technical details of the add on systems. Rick is an amazing resource and a leader, not only in air conditioning but in the automotive aftermarket as a whole. At the 2021 SEMA show he was inducted into the SEMA hall of fame for his lifetime of work in the industry!