TMCP Podcast #164 – Arron Spitzer from Yukon Gear & Axle: Bulletproof Rear End Parts for Muscle Cars!

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Arron Spitzer getting a little air at Woodburn in the 66 Chevy II

This weeks podcast show guest was Mr. Arron Spitzer from Yukon Gear & Axle. Yukon Gear is well known throughout the 4X4 and offroad markets, but they also make outstanding gear and axle products for a wide range of the muscle car market with the same durability you’d find in any stour rock-crawler.

Arron is an avowed gear head himself ..and just happens to work for a gear company! He has been involved with everything from speedshops to junk yards, auto crossing to drag racing, and even some restoration projects at home. Two of his current projects are a Hot Rod Red 1968 Mustang fastback daily driver, and the 1966 Chevy II drag car pictured above (8.427 sec. 158.84 mph Bremerton, WA. ). Needless to say Arron has the “Street Cred” we like to see.

Rear end Yukon Gear and Axle
Rear end Yukon Gear and Axle

Yukon Gear & Axle builds high quality center sections, axles, and even some disc brake kits. While they do not build complete axle assemblies, they do build everything for a high strength rear end.

Arron told me that Yukon has a fully capable two million dollar quality lab, so when they market a product made to a certain specification they know that spec is correct. This assures the customer that Yukon parts live up to what they are rated for and beyond. He told me that the muscle car axles they produce are made from a 1541H Alloy and is around 25-30% stronger then factory units (and they’re race ready).

Arron also detailed many of the features of the center sections and what Yukon does to strengthen a typical rear end. Some of  the center sections Yukon produces are fully taylorable Dura Grip/Posi Traction differential packages that you can order specifically for your needs.  Arron said this differential is one hundered percent upgradeable and rebuildable with heavier parts or more clutches as you require.

I also asked Arron about the differences between the terms, locker, positraction, limited-slip, and spool, specifically because these terms are often mis-used by well meaning enthusiasts. He agreed that quite often these terms are confused, explained what each term truly means, and then pointed out that for the majority of street use muscle cars a posi traction type differential is all you will ever need. While they do offer lockers and spools, those are used mainly in high horsepower applications like drag race specific vehicles and are not required in normal street muscle cars.

Yukon Gear & Axle products are available through any rear end shop and many aftermarket catalogs. National Parts Depot actually referred Arron to us for this interview and are a proud supplier of their parts.

Thanks for the interview, Arron!

-Robert Kibbe


The Chevelle Update

This week’s show also includes a “mini” update on the progress of the Chevelle, brought to you by our pals at Steele Rubber.

Long story short, we have a fully document project plan to take the car all the way from where it is today to the shiny beauty she should be by the 2013 SEMA Show…and there are there are headlights at the end of the tunnel!

The Chevelle sitting at Allison Customs – quarters are on for the final time!



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