Classic Industries restorations

TMCP Podcast #163 – SEMA MPMC 2013: Classic Industries Muscle Car Parts, Hedman Headers LS Swap Kits, and SuperChips Tuners!

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Classic Industries restorations
Classic Industries LSA-Powered and Art Morrison Chassis Equipped ’56 Chevy. You’ve likely seen this on on TV!

In this week’s episode, I attended the SEMA MPMC Media Trade Conference and got the inside scoop on some new muscle car  related products.. The MPMC event allows members of the media to sit down and talk to aftermarket manufacturers to get the latest information about upcoming technologies. Each featured guest is listed below.

1. Ray Yager and Ed Navarro, Classic Industries and Original Equipment Reproduction (OER). You may have heard of Classic Industries from the popular TV show Chop Cut Rebuild. Recently on the show they built a 1956 Chevy using products off Classic Industries shelves including a new steel body. Ray and Ed covered in depth the recent catalog additions for older vehicles. They also reinforced Classic’s commitment to future restorations by pointing out the new 5th gen Camaro parts line as well as the ever expanding 1st through 4th gen Camaro lines. They mentioned the need for parts for the more current models of hot rods because they will be future in depth restorations.

Ed (left) and Ray from Classic Industries and OER. The ’69 Camaro is a Dick Harrell built big block race Car, one of 25 built by Harrell.


2. Mark Lewis,Hedman Hedders. Mark talked with me about the new line of products released to swap an LS based engine into many popular muscle cars.  He told me that while they have parts for the normal LS swap vehicles, they also have swap related products for not so common applications such as the Fox body Mustangs! When I asked if they provided for one off applications, Mark said that they do not make custom headers but they would rather produce high quality units that are repeatedly proven and affordable. You can see the whole line of LS swap products at Hedman’s website.


3. Jim McGinn, Superchips. Jim told me about Superchip’s lines of programmers. They have quite a few different ways for you to get every bit of economy and power out of your computer controlled vehicles.  He talked about the different choices of hand held or installed programmers….and then revealed the Flashpaq Linq Android app programmer! The vehicle interface is a Bluetooth dongle that connects wirelessly to your Android device. He said that the Flash Paq  Linq app lets you turn your phone or tablet into a virtual dash, a code reader, a performance tuner and more. He also announced the SCR or Superchips Redline tuner that is permanently installed in your car. The SCR will allow you to change your tune depending on how you want the car to act whether economical or performance.

Thanks for the interviews, guys!

-Robert Kibbe



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