TMCP Podcast #149 – Jason Engel on Building Continuation Shelby GT500’s!

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This week’s podcast show guest is Jason Engel, owner of Classic Recreations in Yukon, Oklahoma. Those of you that are long time listeners may recall that Jason was on the podcast show over 3 years ago, but back then he was building officially licensed “Eleanor” Mustangs from the Nicholas Cage movie, Gone in 60 Seconds. Fast forward three years to today, and what was once called the Eleanor Mustang is  no more…..but has been replaced with official “continuation” Shelby GT500 Mustangs! That’s right, he’s building real Shelby’s!

When it comes to the GT500CR’s, Classic Recreations creates three different versions:

  1. The GT500CR-545 (545 horsepower)
  2. The GT500CR-900s (Supercharged)
  3. The GT500CR Convertible

They also build a “lightweight” GT350Shelby (10 per year), and these cars carry over the suspension, drivetrain, and brakes from the GT500CR-545.

The GT500CR convertible.

During the interview we discussed the cars that he’s building today and went in depth on the engine, suspension, transmissions, bodies, and EVERYTHING that goes into them.

A customer can request that the car be built using an original Mustang body, or a brand new Dynacorn Mustang body (there’s no difference in price), and Jason noted that most customers go for the new one. Interesting enough, he also noted that the majority of his customers are age 25-40 and are NOT the typical crowd one might think of who would purchase cars that cost more than most of our first houses!

Jason also talked quite a bit about the “ReBody” law that he helped get passed in Oklahoma that allows the original VIN and components of a car to be transferred to a new body (instead of replacing every single original body panel). This was something that Jason personally spent his own time and money pursuing and (in my opinion) is something that will help hobbyists for years to come!

Thanks for the interview, Jason!

-Robert Kibbe

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Jon McDermott and his ’68 Chevelle!

CONGRATS to OUR September 15 WINNER, JON MCDERMOTT!  Jon’s plans are that he’ll get either a cam/lifter kit for his Chevelle, or the FAST Digital Air/Fuel Mixture meter, and some tools from Powerhouse.

He’d like to do a better job of tuning the mixture on the carburetor he runs today (350 SBC in my ’68 Chevelle), and, in the future, to tune the fuel injection he’d like to do with an eventual LS swap.

The Prize Segment sponsored by the COMP Performance Group is back, and it’s back BIG!  Entrants can enter to win a HUGE $750 gift certificate that will be awarded quarterly, and there are two ways to enter:

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The next winner will be chosen on December 15, 2012!

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