TMCP Podcast #136 – The COPO Camaro is Back!

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Welcome, Steele Rubber!

As announced previously, Steele Rubber has come on board the show as a segment sponsor, and this show is their very first one!

I’ve decided to rotate their segment sponsorship throughout the show to keep things fun and active, and in this particular show they sponsored the eBay Pick of the week, a ’70 Chevelle SS Clone build project!


The COPO Camaro is back! Image: Motor Trend

In this episode of The MuscleCar Place podcast show our guest was Sandor Piszar, the Director of Strategy and Planning for Performance Vehicles and Motorsports at GM. Those of you that are listeners of all of the shows on The MuscleCar Place Network have already heard this interview on a previous episode of the LSX Podcast….but quite honestly, if any non GM fans missed it there it would be a crime. The COPO program has as big a part of 1960’s muscle car history as the winged Mopars and Boss Mustangs, and the fact that the COPO is back is big news.

During the interview Sandor discussed the 2012 COPO Camaro program in detail, the fact that only 69 COPO’s will be built (and they’re all already spoken for), why they chose the engine packages they did, and what the goal of the COPO really is: to beat the Mustang Cobra Jet and the Challenger Drag Pack. He also went through great detail describing how one could build a COPO for themselves using nothing but the Chevy Performance catalog by starting with a BIW (Body In White) Camaro and adding on the appropriate parts. For those of you with a historical bent you may remember that the same thing was possible with the ’57 Chevy Black Widow.

Thanks for the interview, Sandor!

-Robert Kibbe

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