TMCP #411: SEMA Show Special 2019 #1 – Phil and Jeremy Gerber: Roadster Shop, Rick Love: Vintage Air, Sean Barber: New Legend, and Mike Pennington: Meguiars!

Roadster Shop – Street Camaro
Rick Love with Vintage Air at SEMA 2019

This weeks installment is the first of multiple LIVE from the show floor episodes from SEMA 2019. This year was not only epic as an overall show, but also epic in the number of interviews with the best-of-the-best in the industry that we were able to conduct! This show marks the very first appearance of the Gerber brothers from the Roadster Shop, a repeat from fan favorite Rick Love from Vintage Air, my So-Cal Iowan brother Sean Barber from New Legend 4X4, also the very first visit with Mike Pennington from Meguiars. I had a great time and now I get to share the experience with you!

Interview #1 : The first interview from SEMA for 2019 is with Jeremy and Phil Gerber of The Roadster Shop. They started working for The Roadster Shop years ago and when the previous owner passed away in 2003, they purchased it and kept it alive. Since then, the name Roadster Shop has become synonymous with cool, innovate, and trend setting in the SEMA world (and beyond). They have been growing the business ever since and now have over 80 employees building fabulous products. While most companies just do car builds or just make parts, The Roadster shop does it all. The brothers love using their minds to create and have many ideas still to come in the future. You can learn more at By the way…their after show party is pretty epic!

Interview #2 : I love to catch up with Rick Love from Vintage Air and he walked me through the latest offerings for the 77-82 Corvette….which is (of course) different than 68-76. The range of new items the release each year never fails to impress. New electric motor technology is making its way into our vintage cars. Brushless electric motors are enhancing the cooling ability of older vehicles by adding more power and control without taxing the electrical systems.  You can find out more at

New Legend Jeep Cherokee at Sema 2019

Interview #3 : It is not often that you can travel half way across the country to meet up with your neighbor. Sean Barber owns New Legend 4X4 and is (now) also from Ames, Iowa. While initially known for Scouts, they are now in the Jeep space as well and produce the cleanest and coolest divers and off roaders out there. He was asked by Kenda tires to bring a truck to showcase their new line of tires. He brought a  great survivor Jeep Cherokee that even boasts the original paint after being hidden away for twenty five years. Sean is known for his Scout builds but he also has a long history of Wagoneers and this one is a nice example. You check check out his other builds at

Mike Pennington, Meguiars at SEMA 2019

Interview #4 : For the last interview of the day I stopped by to talk to Mike Pennington at the Meguiar’s booth to find out about the new products. Mike has been coming to SEMA for thirty one years and has a ton of experience with automotive finishes. He is in charge of global training and solutions and has heard from many customers regarding swirls or scratches in their paint. He said the best place to start is to ditch the “rag” and use a brand new polishing cloth and only use it on the paint. As your cloth gets older, use it only on the dirtier sections, and then finally when it is almost done, use it for underhood or tires and wheelhouse sections. Meguiars has great products and some incredible new protectants, but it all starts with a great cloth.

Stay Tuned, even MORE SEMA fun to come!

-Rob Kibbe

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