TMCP #343: The Christmas Show: Our 9th Annual Feature Interview with Santa Claus Himself!

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Merry Christmas from The MuscleCar Place and have a Happy New Year!


Saint Claus, Esquire 

Santa and his inconspicuous F Body.

For our final show of the year we again had the pleasure of having on the celebrity guest of the holiday season. In fact the only interview he does each year is technically with us – so take that CNN! Our interview was with the big man himself, Père Noël, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, or otherwise known as, Santa Claus!

This year I decided to change it up on Father Christmas and spring some children’s actual questions on him. Luckily for me I was able to grab 3 random children off of the street to record what they wanted to know most (fyi – most kids really want 1969 Dodge Chargers). Listen in and see if Santa gets stumped!

This marks Santa’s 9th annual appearance on our show and we consider it a wonder to have him on each year. He is our number one most interviewed person on the show….except for maybe Larry Callahan!

If you would like to hear any of Santa’s interviews from previous years, you can find them here on the website! It all started in 2009 with Episode 28, then followed annually with Episode 67, Episode 114, Episode 160, Episode 197Episode 233Episode 270 , and last Christmas in Episode 307. We even had Santa on for our gigantic bonanza Episode 300 Celebration show!

This year Google has stepped up to help good kids find where Santa is this year with the Maps based Santa Tracker! Check it out!

Thanks for the interview, Santa! Talk to you in 2018!

-Rob Kibbe


The Real Reason for the Season!

Linus Van Pelt sharing the true meaning of Christmas! Image: Peantus (Charles Schultz)

Of course, the real reason for the season is the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. If the hustle and bustle of Christmas has you missing the point of it all, not to worry. Linus Van Pelt helped Charlie Brown with the same question a long time ago by reading Luke 2: 8-14 – and it’s shared in this episode as well.

If you’ve been meaning to learn more about why that’s significant, or perhaps it’s something you walked away from a long time ago, know that you can always come home….and Christmas would be a terrific time to do it!


Thank YOU!

This is the last podcast from The MuscleCar Place for 2017 and such an amazing year it was. Thank YOU for listening all year long, and helping me chase the dream of loving old cars for a living.

See you in 2018!

Merry Christmas from The MuscleCar Place and have a Happy New Year!


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