TMCP #336: How To Be an Automotive Power Couple on YouTube: Emily and Aaron Reeves From Flying Sparks Garage!

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Emily and Aaron Reeves
Flying Sparks Garage/In The Garage With Emily

Flying Sparks Garage Z-car
Emily and Aaron Reeves

This weeks interview is with Emily and Aaron Reeves, the married automotive power couple from Texas behind the Flying Sparks Garage channel on YouTube. Together they are using their combined skills to create an automotive media brand! Emily is an active fashion model and actress, and Aaron is an experienced mechanic with previous YouTube success. I asked them onto the show to share it all, from business goals to video creation techniques, and the said yes!

As you’ll hear in this interview, both Emily and Aaron take as much of a practical approach to their channel as they do a creative one. From a business perspective, Emily’s experience and screen time has helped her to understand lighting, shot angles, and story telling. Aaron’s love of cars and mechanical abilities have put them in a position to do – well – anything they want with a car. Plus, as they both shared, a modeling career past the age of 30 is different than that of someone in their 20’s, and building a business with their combined stills together to do the “next thing” is simply a good idea!

Emily Williams Reeves sanding the 72 Nova with Finley the shop dog

Since I know many listeners want to learn how to create better videos,  wanted to learn more about the “studio” setup used for filming. They were candidly open about how inexpensive the current equipment is, but adamant on the importance of two specific things: lighting and sound.

Their lighting currently is provided by (drumroll)….simple inexpensive shop lights from Menards! The audio is handled by simple lav mics. The video editing software Emily uses is just basic iMovie, a film editing program that comes standard on any Apple computer. When it comes to lighting specifically, their tips are to get very used to having bright lights in your face if you want a great shot! They also shared how they light up the hands-on “ho to” components if their videos as well.

In addition to all of that, I did ask them both to share how they handle the “other” side of having a public persona; i.e., specifically in dealing with “Internet haters!” I’ve learned personally that sometimes the criticism you receive on the Internet is simply garbage, while other times is is very poorly delivered but helpful information. They both had stories on the do’s and do not do’s that they’ve learned from being online together! For all of you who choose to put a video, or a podcast, or even a blog post online about yourself or your business – this is something you’ll want to learn well.

You can find out more about Emily, Aaron, and Flying Sparks Garage on ,, and Of course you must check them out on the Flying Sparks Garage You Tube channel where they produce videos for over 41,000 subscribers

Thanks so much for the interview Emily and Arron! As a total aside – I think I have found my long lost BFF’s. They love flying too (Aaron is a pilot and they have a Cessna)! See you at OshKosh!

-Rob Kibbe


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  1. Hey Rob, really loved this show. I’ve been watching Emily and Aaron for some time and enjoy their show a lot. They present as honest and down to earth and your interview confirms this.

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