TMCP #304: SEMA 2016 Show #2 – Rich Waitas of Magnaflow, Lance Stander of Superformance, and The Amazing Ring Brothers!

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Ring Brothers Madam V 1948 Cadillac
Ring Brothers Madam V 1948 Cadillac
Lance Stander, CEO of Superformance
Lance Stander, CEO of Superformance

This weeks interviews are again, LIVE from the show floor at SEMA 2016.  This second episode is with The Ring Brothers Mike and Jim, Rich Waitas from Magnaflow, and Lance Stander, CEO of Superformance. This was a very fun show to put together!

Recording live at SEMA with the great Rich Waitus of Magnaflow!

Interview #1 : Rich Waitas from Magnaflow! Always a great friend of the show, Rich talked to me about new valve controlled exhaust systems to meet the restrictive factory noise regulations (95dB) and still flow for power and efficiency. He said the Magnaflow exhaust not only keeps the valves in place but keeps the factory sensors in place for optimum compatibility.

We also chatthed (quite a bit) about his connections to Hollywood movie and TV cars. It seems that Rich is connected with nearly every big screen hot rod these days, from Fast and Furious to Batman Vs. Superman. In fact, the Batmobile was on display in his booth!

Interview #2 : Lance Stander,Superformance and Hillbank Motor Corp CEO. Lance was able to take a few minutes to tell me about the history of Hillbank and Superformance. The recent passing of the Low Volume Manufacturing act will allow Superformance to produce up to 325 vehicles a year. These will be complete new, emissions compliant vehicles with modern features yet with the design of classic cars from 25 or more years ago.

Mike Jim Ring of The Ring Brothers
Mike Jim Ring of The Ring Brothers

Interview #3 : The Ring Brothers: Jim and Mike! I caught up with the guys and asked them about the cars they brought to SEMA. Jim said they brought a 65 Mustang Widebody Convertible, a 69 Camaro, and a 1948ish Cadillac. The Cadillac is actually a ’48 body melded together with a 2016 ATSV. All of the features of the 2016 car have been preserved (except the brake light) and are fully functional or even updated to newer parts.

I also had a chance to ask them how their first introduction to SEMA happened, and they shared a story of humble beginnings that I had never heard. It all started with a custom Mustang they brought and put outside in the old “Dumpster Alley!”

Stay Tuned, even MORE SEMA fun to come!

-Rob Kibbe

p.s. Please enjoy these additional pictures from SEMA

Magnaflow's Batmobile display at SEMA
Magnaflow’s Batmobile display at SEMA


Superformance Cobra shown at SEMA 2016
Superformance Cobra shown at SEMA 2016


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  1. Enjoyed the podcast, loved the trailer at the end. Gotta go 1/10 on the RC though the smaller car packs nice but has a hard time driving across a decent lawn and the interior parts are way more crowded together for both maintenance and repair

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