TMCP #300: The BIG 300th Episode Flashback Show – Allison, Finnegan, Petty, Santa Claus, and More!

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It was all worth it! This is a picture with my family and the Chevelle at the 2016 Good Guys show while I was waiting for my next run at the autocross.

This weeks show marks the 300th show in the history of The Muscle Car Place!  The show has come a long way since I started creating them on my own in my basement back in May of 2009. I had no idea that the thing I was going as a promotional tool for my website would actually become the biggest business connector I’d ever have, and introduce me to some of the most incredible people I could ever hope to meet! To mark to occasion I have assembled some clips of previous episodes, complete with a full blown introduction of them by the one and only Santa Claus. Seriously – he came on early this year just for this! (Don’t worry – he’ll still be back in just a few weeks for our annual Christmas show.)

To those of you who have listened since the beginning, my sincere thanks for your support. To those of you who are brand new, welcome! I’m not sure that chasing your dreams and passions is always the smartest business model – and it takes a huge amount of support to make it happen – but I have no regrets about chasing this whole thing. Here’s to whatever fun the future holds!

-Rob Kibbe

Jeff Allison of Allison Customs
Jeff Allison of Allison Customs

Episode 72 – Jeff Allison – Jeff Allison is without a doubt one of the most important people I’ve met ever as a result of this show. I took my business full time in January 2011 and just a few weeks after doing so I received Jeff’s offer to build my Chevelle as the first car out of his shop – as a free gift! This clip is our very first interview together and since this all started Jeff has become one of my closest friends – still is to this day – and in fact, we’re going to SEMA together again this year.  I can’t wait!

Richard Petty
Richard Petty

Episode 76 – Richard Petty – No kidding! I really did interview Richard Petty once, and it was awesome! It was a truly fun experience and we talked about of ton of NASCAR history as well as about his favorite race car – the ‘73 Dodge Charger. This was one of my life checklist events for me as an interviewer. It was like also like talking to “The King” in the movie cars.

Episode 84 – Corey Eubanks (General Lee stunt driver) – Corey Eubanks is the stunt driver who jumped the General Lee more than anyone else, and this is a clip from his interview talking about his first jump ever in the General Lee – and how scared he was. Two words: nitrous oxide (for the car, not him).

Danny Giustino
Danny Giustino

Episode 145 – Danny Giustino – Fan favorite and another life changer for me – Owner of Muscle Express in Jupiter, FL. Danny grew up in New York driving limos and hearses – and now builds awesome muscle cars in Florida! Danny is responsible for many connections for interviews

Zip Simons and Don Endonino

Episode 198 – Zip and Don – I was introduced to these guys by Danny Giustino and did not know how important they would be to the building of the Chevelle. They had just opened up their own shop – Street Metal Concepts – just about the time I desperately needed full paint and body on the Chevelle to get to the SEMA show on time. It worked out and I hauled it from New Mexico to Orlando Florida and back so they could finish the car and lay down the spectacular paint it has today. They put their heart and soul into the project and their business continues to roll!

-Episode 293 – Larry Callahan – People Love Larry – and he’s hard not to love! A number of you have mentioned that Larry might be your favorite segment – and that you wish the old Pro Touring show was still going.  Well – truth be told, so do I, not because I loved the extra workload, but because Larry’s just a great on-and off-air partner and friend.  He’s as genuine as he sounds.

Episode 254 – Mike Finnegan – This was our first interview together ever  and we discussed him driving the General Mayhem Dodge Charger at DirtFish Rally School (my favorite Roadkill episode ever)! I didn’t know Mike very well prior to doing this interview but as soon as we were done I put a note on my calendar to contact him again and see if he’d be interested in doing more. Our good chemistry lead to more TMCP shows together, and finally the launch of a whole new show together The Kibbe and Finnegan Show and that we’d then review – episode by episode – the Dukes of Hazzard together! .

Episode 92 – Dallas Kibbe This is my Dad.  He and my mom purchased the Chevelle brand new and that car – and his years of support of it – are one of the biggest reasons I’m in this business. He’s been on the show twice, but this is the first one, and this segment was done in my booth at the 2011 Good Guys car show.  He came to see it, special, which is a typical move for my dad. He supports his kids in everything!



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