TMCP #290: Zach Bowman – Update on The Drive Around the USA in an Off Road Camper Truck! Plus – The First Winner of the Ron Francis Wiring Black Box!

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Zach Bowman's, 2003 Dodge Truck
Zach Bowman’s, 2003 Dodge Truck

This weeks interview is with returning guest Zach Bowman, This time joined by hiss wife Beth. I talked to Zach back in Episode 273 about  quitting his job as an editor at Road and Track to sell his possessions and hit the road to spend more time with their one year old daughter. I thought it is time to check in and see how the journey is going.

The Dodge makings it'sway through Louisiana with Zach Bowman. Photo by Beth Bowman
The Dodge makings it’sway through Louisiana with Zach Bowman. Photo by Beth Bowman

Zach has been writing articles about the adventure and posting them to The Drive website under Bowman’s Odyessy. There are many frustrations, close calls, and interesting insights but overall it sounds like they are making it work. It is well worth reading all of the articles from the start to the most recent, and Beths photos are artful and very well done.

My biggest question to the Bowman’s revolved around whether this crazy adventure was what they thought (or hoped) it might be, and whether the big goals of it all had been achieved….or “adjusted” to meet the outcome instead. They shared that many of their reasons for doing this have not changed at all, though the initial freak-out moments did happen (and were scary). The biggest surprise to learn was perhaps that the lack of possessions became almost an out-of-sight, out-of-mind type topic – and things like communicating became far more important. Daily tasks like doing the dishes have become yet another place to talk together, instead of simply being another thing that must be eliminated out of the day to continue on with “real” life activities. Caring for – and enjoying time with – their daughter is a top priority and joy.

As expected, we did dig into the truck mechanicals of the trip and Zach was happy to report that the newly installed air locker rear end will be well received, and that the 300,000-plus mile Dodge is holding up well. The goal of the rig was to be able to take it anywhere and be self-sustaining, and it’s done that in spades!

You can check out Zach, Beth, and Lucy’s adventures at You can find them on Facebook at You can even check out the truck build at

Thanks Zach for the great interview!

-Rob Kibbe


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The Update
with Larry Callahan!

RideTech Street Grip Kit for 55 BelAir
RideTech Street Grip Kit for 55 BelAir

Bel Air Update: Larry removed the interior to clean up inside the Bel Air. He also started preparing for the installation of the Street Grip suspension system by RideTech. The Street Grip kit is an all in one box solution to updating old car handling to newer standards.

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Thanks, Ron Francis!

-Rob & Larry

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