TMCP #258: Justin “Corndog” Cornette: A Councours Restoration of a 1969 “Mr. Norm’s” Dodge Charger 500!

This weeks interview is with friend of the show and previous guest Justin “Corndog” Cornette. I was following Justin’s recent update of a 100% correct restoration of a very rare “Mr. Norms” Dodge Charger 500, and after the job was completed I thought it might be fun to have his discuss the minutia and history digging process (as well as the huge restoration).

On his previous interview (Episode 204 ) he was on to discuss his his love of Dodge Chargers as well as the in-depth details of all screen-used General Lee cars (of which he is an OCD savant).>

Mr Norms Charger 500 with the rear body panels removed
Mr Norms Charger 500 with the rear body panels removed

The Charger is question is owned by Justin’s boss.  When the Charger was purchased it was certainly a highly optioned Charger 500, but it was rough overall and was going to be a huge restoration project.

Justin’s in-depth nature couldn’t be helped though, and started digging into the history of the car. It was then that he learned this car most likely was purchased at Grand Spaulding Dodge in Chicago (making it a “Mr. Norms” car), and once all facts were verified there was no choice about whether or not to restore it.

Once he started working on the body work on the 500, Justin found a lot of previous body work like floor pans, quarter panels and evidence of a rear end accident. It was fairly rust free but much of the prior work was not done correctly. A look at Justin’s Facebook page shows just how in depth the restoration was, and many of the pictures there are times when the car did not even resemble a car anymore.

He said the locations of the VIN stamps on the body were still in great shape and were able to be preserved, though!. The car will have the original engine in it also and will be an amazing example of the high performance mindset of the late sixties. You will be able to see the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals in Chicago this November 21st/22nd.

Cornette Charger Taillight bulb Meme
Cornette Charger Taillight bulb Meme

One last example of how Justin likes to have everything correct is a meme that he put together about the correct bulbs to have in the tail lights of a Charger. Unfortunately the correct bulbs are kind of rare and expensive, but in order to do it right, you have to use the right parts. Truth be told, it was this meme that put me over the edge to have Justin on the show again (who knows stuff like that??)

You can contact Justin at his website Corndog05Dukes , or you can find him on the forums at CGLFC, and pretty much anywhere General Lee’s are discussed. Email at

Thanks for the great interview, Justin! Looking forward to your next project.

– Rob Kibbe


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