TMCP #241: Where Are They Now: The Ongoing Success Story of Street Metal Concepts!


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Zip and Don with the latest customer project – a ’70 Cuda! Image: John Ray
Don working on the C10 at Street Metal Concepts
Don working on the C10 at Street Metal Concepts

This weeks interview a “where are they now” show feating the infamous Zip Simons and Don Endonino from Street Metal Concepts in Longwood, Florida.

Zip and Don are the geniuses behind the incredible body and paint work on my Chevelle in 2013 and were one of the big reasons we made it to SEMA 2013 on time (and later won the cover of Super Chevy magazine).  Be sure to check out their very first podcast interview done just after the Chevelle arrived.

What you may not recall is that Zip and Don were high school best friends and had just opened their shop together prior to taking on my car. They decided that their dream business would specialize in very high end “exotic car quality” paint jobs and body work…but with muscle cars. It’s a tough business model certainly, so I decided it was time to check in with them again to see what has happened since and what interesting projects they have on hand now.

Street Metal Concepts and a very full shop
Street Metal Concepts and a very full shop

I had noticed in pictures from Street Metal Concepts Facebook page that the garage is looking very full. I asked the guys about the latest projects in the shop and what has been happening lately and got the full update on a Chevy C10 that came in for “paint and gapping” from another shop….and ended up getting a full restoration.  We also chatted about a number of other projects including a 1929 Durant, 1972 Chevelle, an SSR, and a Plum Crazy Cuda.

I was pleased to hear in the interview that while things are progressing, they’re getting more and more work, and they’re so full right now that they’ve had to move to a bigger facility that will allow them more working/storage room as well as access to their own paint booth!

Zip and Don both take the approach that “the art” of what they’re going is the most important thing. Are there easier ways to make money? Absolutely. Would they be as happy? No, Sir! They both took to heart the advice of he great Chris Holstrom at SEMA 2013 when he encouraged them to just continue putting out high end work and let the customers come to them. Looks like it has happened!

You can get contact information about Street Metal Concepts at their web page, or find out what is going on at Facebook page, Tumblr metal concepts, or Instagram

 Thanks for the interview Guys….and thanks for being my friends!

-Rob Kibbe


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