TMCP #230: SEMA 2014 Show #2: Robert Jackson’s LS Powered Volvo, Ed Capen’s “Nomaro” Concept, Rusty Sampsel’s Chevrolet Performance Update, and Chris Holstrom Ultra Clean 69 Camaro!69 Camaro

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The Chris Holstrom 1969 Camaro for SEMA Show 2014
The Chris Holstrom 1969 Camaro for SEMA Show 2014

SEMA 2014 brings thousands together to see the latest in performance technologies and talk about what is possible in the future.  This week I let you in on some more of those conversations with shakers and movers in the industry.

Robert_Volvo medInterview #1 : Robert Jackson, owner of Swedish Ops, with his 1967 LS3 Powered (600 horse) Volvo Amazon 122. Shortly after this car show interview Robert and his fiance Tammy were married  – in the Volvo – and were up bright and early the next morning to race at the Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge.

Interview #2 : Ed Capen (of Good Guys) with his 69 Camaro/72 Ventura concept car called “Nomaro.” This car has been stirring up controversy wherever it goes, even before it was even completed.  Ed, together with Rob Drew built this amazing mash up and plan to hit the circuit with it! Look for it at an upcoming Good Guys event.

Interview #3 : Rusty Sampsel from GM Performance Parts game me a great “LS Connect and Cruise” update. The big news of course is that you can now get all of the GM Connect-and-Cruise engine platforms with a MANUAL TRANSMISSION (A T-56 Magnum, to be exact)! Rusty also gave a bit of insider information on the future of a cruise control feature in GM engine management systems, a new bellhousing for even more transmission possibilities, and the new LT1 direct injected Corvette crate engine package.

Ed Capen and Rob Drew stand by their creation the Nomaro. The car is an amazing mashup of Camaro and Nova built to run in the Good Guys events.

Interview #4 : Chris Holstrom of Chris Holstrom Concepts came on for his annual interview, this time to discuss the incredibly clean ’69 Camaro they built for the show with a very cool white paint,red interior color scheme. Also look for his award winning 1967 Chevrolet Nova build from SEMA 2013 to be featured in the Sony Play Station game “Gran Turismo”! Chris gave some pretty great tidbits about Sony’s recent visit to record and digitize the car as well!

-Rob Kibbe

p.s. Happy Thanksgiving! As always, this show features a little something from the best Thanksgiving movie ever made…..

Steve Martin and John Candy in Planes, Tranes, and Automobiles. Image: Paramount Pictures


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