TMCP #219: SCCA President Lisa Noble Explains It All…Including the Classic American Muscle Class!

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SCCA San Diego CAM Class camaro
Mary Pozzi runs her ’73 Camaro at an SCCA event in the Classic American Muscle class.
Lisa Noble SCCA President and Formula Vee racer
Lisa Noble SCCA President and Formula Vee racer

This weeks interview is with Lisa Noble, president of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and owner of Noble Racing Engines. Since the SCCA recently introduced the new Classic American Muscle (CAM) class I wanted to have her on to shed some light on not only the new class, but also the SCCA overall as it’s an organization I’ve always known about from a 50,000 foot perspective (and am even a member of) but didn’t really know the inner workings or history of. As a result of this interview I now know the difference between Solo, Club, and Pro racing terminology!

Lisa has been involved with racing since her early teens and competes regularly in the Formula Vee class. At the age of fourteen she went to a grand prix race with a boyfriend and as soon as she walked through the gate she knew she was where she needed to be. After that introduction she volunteered at races and learned every job there was at an SCCA event. She describes herself as a “Formula Car Girl” and Formula Vee is her passion and has been a huge part of her life.

List mentioned that the SCCA likes to help people have fun with their cars and they have structured the organization to be open and welcoming to new racers of any experience level. In the SOLO class (autocross) all a driver needs is a helmet and a car! You can see just about anything running on a SOLO autocross course and many of them are people’s normal daily driver. In addition, there is no requirement to “qualify” for a SOLO competition and even at the annual SOLO Nationals anyone can just show up to compete and/or learn from other SCCA members.

SCCA Classic American Muscle Class brings autocross SOLO style racing to Muscle Cars.
SCCA Classic American Muscle Class brings autocross SOLO style racing to Muscle Cars.

When it comes specifically to the Classic American Muscle Car Class, the SCCA saw the growing number of classic car owners wanting more opportunities to race and enjoy their cars, and this new class will let owners exercise their vehicles in a controlled environment in a class of likely equipped rides.

There is also the American Sedan class that is a “tinkerer builder” class similar to pro-touring and is open to the newer American muscle like Mustangs and Camaros and allows for many modifications to the vehicle suspension and drivetrain. The American Sedan class is growing fast and is very popular.

SCCA RallyCross events get you out in the dirt and having fun with your car.

I did stray off of the muscle car tangent toward the end of the interview to discuss another class that has really caught my attention: RallyCross! RallyCross is (essentially) the dirt version of running an autocross, only with the extra fun of slinging dirt and driving sideways while doing it. Just as is the case for the SOLO class all you will need is a helmet, a car you don’t mind getting dirty, and a willingness to have a great time.

You can see what is happening at SCCA’s website at or on Facebook at

Thanks for the great interview Lisa, see you on the track!


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