TMCP #218: Jim Davis from Sea Foam: How and Why Fuel/Oil Additives Work!

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Jim Davis Sea Foam drag racing Camaro launch
Jim Davis Sea Foam drag racing Camaro launch
Jim Davis Sea Foam drag racing Camaro
Jim Davis Sea Foam drag racing Camaro

This weeks interview is with Jim Davis, the technical adviser at Sea Foam. Jim is a lifetime car guy as well as a former mechanic ad circle track racer. One day after an physical he was sent directly to the Dr. for heart problems. where his doctor told him that he had to stop wrenching on cars and give up circle track racing, or pay the consequences.

Jim listened….then moved over to give product usage advice for SeaFoam and has been enthusiastically involved with the company ever since. While circle track racing had to go, his passion for drag racing didn’t, and now he and his entire family have their own drag racing team, complete with Sea Foam sponsorship! You can read more about the Sea Foam drag racing team at their web site

A Vintage Can of Sea Foam, "Just what your motor needs"
A Vintage Can of Sea Foam, “Just what your motor needs”

Sea Foam was started as an answer to a problem with an outboard boat motor.  Fred Fandrei worked for Sinclair Refineries and on his off time enjoyed fishing….but detested cleaning his gummed up carburetor every time he took the boat out. Fred worked on quite a few formulas before he found one that had the right results. He tried the formulas in his outboard and once he got it right he started selling it to his buddies in bottles at the lake. One day a friend that had moved out of state called him up and said, “hey, can you send me some of that sea foam stuff for my boat?” and the name stuck and has been known as Sea Foam ever since.

Sea Foam Ask Jim Davis
Sea Foam Ask Jim Davis

I asked Jim on the show to discuss what Sea Foam does, why it works, and (in all honesty) whether additives in general are just a waste of time and money. Because of his background as a mechanic he knew the question was coming, and surprised me in his discussion of how SeaFoam and other additives have more value than ever with modern “clean” fuels.

Modern blended fuels and oils of today have developed some issues such has varnish and carbon buildup, that Sea Foam takes care of very well. Since Sea Foam is a fuel and oil additive, it can be used both in the fuel tank as well as the crankcase, and tackle the problem from both ends. Jim also gave me some tips on how to use the product on my diesel pickup that I personally am going to try in the very near future (I’m going to prime the fuel filter with straight Sea Foam and clean the injectors out!).

You can see what is happening at Sea Foam’s website or on Facebook at

Thanks for the great interview Jim!


This interview sponsored by our pals at National Parts Depot – your premier source for muscle car restoration parts!


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