TMCP #217: The Circle Is Complete – Chevelle is Home! Feature Interview Jeff Allison and Dallas Kibbe

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Jeff Allison (left), my dad Dallas, (right), and myself toasting the completion of the Chevelle with Iowa’s finest: Templeton Rye Whiskey. I’m the one choking on it. I guess I’m more of a beer kind of guy.

Feature Interview:

Jeff Allison & Dallas Kibbe

Well, it’s done. As of July 4, 2014 my Chevelle is home, culminating a 3.5 year project that all started with a simple offer from Jeff Allison to build my dream car. My dad and I spent the last several days heading down to New Mexico one final time to finish up the loose ends of the car with Jeff, do a few test drives, fix a few more loose ends, and bring her home.

We made it into town early on July 4. By 7AM the car was out of the trailer. By 8, I washed it. By 9AM, the whole family was loaded up and headed to the 4th of July Good Guys show in Des Moines! I didn’t get the chance to run the car in the autocross, mainly because I was a little chicken with as a few a miles as it had on it, but I should be able to hit an upcoming SCCA event in two weeks. I’ve put over 200 miles on the car now, have figured out what things need adjustment, what things need to be tightened up, etc., but overall it’s 99% A-OK! Next steps are to get the engine tuned and to charge up the A/C.

In this interview you’ll hear Jeff, myself, and my dad all discussing the project as a whole, and also what the next steps are for all of us – especially Jeff! It turns out that this will be the last build he’ll do in New Mexico as he’s decided to relocate completely to the Denver, CO area. You’ll hear why in the interview. As happy as I am that we have now achieved this monumental undertaking, I’m a little bit sad that it’s over. I feel like it’s the day after high school or college graduation, and while you’re looking forward to the future, you’re a little sad that the events you worked your tail off for, and the people you did that with, have concluded.

Ah well, time to chase the next goal – racing! Now I have the horse to do it on. Jeff, Zip, Don, Danny, Kirk, Laura, Aaron, God, and everyone else – THANK YOU.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. We win!

-Rob Kibbe

Chevelle total weight with 1/2 a tank of gas and no driver was 3842 lbs. The car essentially has the weight and power of a 5th Gen Camaro SS.
When it was all said and done, the weight balance was 50.7% on the front, and 49.3% on the rear. With some shock adjustments and a few other tweaks, I’ll bet we could hit 50/50. Not too shabby.
Since I was already loading up one Allison Customs race car….why not load another? Jeff had built competitive race karts for his boys for years, but it had gone unused for about 5 years. We loaded up the kart, a spare engine, gears, wheels, tires, a seat, lap computer, weights, and tools. I have not told my kids yet.
One final load up into the trailer. First time it drove in under power.
The good news is, the Chevelle fits into the trailer! The bad news: the doors don’t open. The only way in and out is via the window. This was the method for every trip the car ever took!
One last selfie for the road! Dad (left), me, and Jeff (right).
Since this will be my last time in this part of the country for some time, I snatched this picture somewhere in Colorado. The mountains in Iowa are significantly flatter.
My son (Dallas) upon his inspection approval of the Chevelle. He was still in his jammies, but gave it a thumbs up. Win!
The fam and I drove the Chevelle from Ames to Des Moines for the 2014 Good Guys car show. The last time the car was with the family, Noelle (the little one) was 3 months old, Dallas was 2, and our oldest Emily was in preschool. My wife Laura has somehow gotten hotter though.


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