TMCP #203: Jeff Allison on the Final Steps to Getting the Chevelle on the Road!

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Jeff Allison, doing what he does best: fixing stuff under pressure while somehow staying wildly positive about it!


Jeff Allison

In this week’s episode my long time pal Jeff Allison (owner of Allison Customs) came on the show to chat about the remaining items left to get my Chevelle on the road, taking it from a really sexy (but non running) booth babe car to a running and driving street machine. It’s hard to believe that three years ago Jeff came on the show to make me the offer of a life time, and reflecting back on the challenges, changes, and miracles that have occurred to get us from that point to where we are today is somewhat staggering. During the show we chatted quite a bit about that, talked about the burnout of SEMA we both encountered, and how now we’re rejuvenated to finish the task at hand.

Jeff and Lori Allison – one the SEMA Show floor with the Chevelle one day before the show opened. The Allison Customs logo with the ‘winged’ logo is at the top!

The list below is one that Jeff came up with just after SEMA of the items left to complete, and while it seems lengthy it’s (believe it or not) really pretty doable and is more a task of time than money. Our goal is to get the car on it’s new set of wheels asap (more on that in a future post), fix the exhaust issues, then make it run. If all goes well, by early summer I’ll be tooling around Iowa in a white Chevelle again!

As a quick aside, both Jeff and I are pretty pumped up about the next chunk of magazine coverage for the Chevelle. I got official word that it will be featured in Super Chevy next month (May issue)! Subscribers will have it in their hands the first week of March, and it will be on news-stands by mid month.

-Rob Kibbe

Kibbe Chevelle
Work List – 11/24/2013

  1. Install Battery Cables
  2. Install Manual Battery Cutoff Switch
  3. Install Clutch Switch – (need to Order one)
  4. Bleed Front Brakes
  5. Bleed Rear Brakes
  6. Shim & Tighten All Calipers
  7. Find Location for & Build Coil Mounts
  8. Coil Wire
  9. ReCover Center Console Cover
  10. Install Hidden Stereo Unit
  11. Recondition Passenger QTR Window Regulator
  12. Order and Install Rain Gutter Chrome – Passenger Side
  13. Have Exhaust reworked to clear rear suspension
  14. ReWork and Install Headlight Rings
  15. Install and Wire Controllers for Headlight rings
  16. Epoxy Headlight Ring LED Array
  17. Form & Install Fuel Tank / Rear End Vent Lines
  18. Make a spacer for passenger side front control arm to eliminate need for shims
  19. Chin Spoiler / Air Cleaner Bracket
  20. Dash Speaker mount
  21. Front Speaker mounts
  22. Wire Dash
  23. Add Wire lead from Coil for tach
  24. Shorten Bias Control cable
  25. Front and Rear Seat Belt Bolts
  26. Install E-Brake
  27. Remount Front Sway Bar
  28. Cut Dash Bezel for A/C Vent
  29. Order and Install correct dash vent on passenger side
  30. Wire and Install Delay Wiper Switch
  31. Order and Install correct Headlight
  32. Install A/C Dryer
  33. Design, Order and Form A/C Hard lines – under hood
  34. Wire Fans
  35. Wire A/C – under hood
  36. Order and Form Heater Lines – under hood
  37. Install Rear Seat Mounting Brackets
  38. Install Front and Rear Dome Lights
  39. Wire Reverse Lights
  40. New Wheels
Just in case you forgot what the Chevelle looks like….here’s a little reminder. Allison Customs makes cool cars!


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