TMCP #190: Marc Christ of Muscle Mustangs Magazine on Building the ’88 Project Hypersilver Mustang for SEMA!

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 25th Anniversary Hypersilver Mustang Muscle Mustangs Magazine

25th Anniversary Hypersilver Mustang by Muscle Mustangs Magazine

Marc Christ, Technical Editor for Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine
Marc Christ, Technical Editor for Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine

This weeks interview is with Marc Christ, Technical Editor for Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords Magazine. I met Marc in the showroom of NPD where we were both picking up more parts for our SEMA cars, and as such we immediately had a common bond (i.e. major stress).

Marc grew up in the rural area of Mulberry, FL surrounded by cows, chickens, and Fords. After high school he went to college for communications but during his junior year decided he needed something far more hands on and automotive related. Long story short, he dropped out and attended WyoTech Automotive College. Following that he had a few jobs at car dealerships, but eventually landed the dream job at Muscle Mustangs Magazine.

I was excited to have Marc on the show, primarily to hear someone else’s experience in preparing a car for SEMA. If you’ve been following our Chevelle Build at all you know we’ve been doing it on a wing and a prayer (and a nearly empty bank account), and we’re perpetually behind on the project. It turns out that even with the resources of a professional and popular car magazine….that Marc is in the same boat! Ah well, I guess reality is the same for everyone.

As Marc described in his interview, Project Hypersilver is a 1988 Mustang GT that started as a “soulless” stripped empty body that seemed like an open book for an ultimate Fox body build. The year 1988 was chosen to commemorate the 25th (silver) anniversary of the magazine, and also the 50th anniversary of the Mustang itself. The assembly of this car has generated numerous articles for the magazine and you can follow the work at Muscle Mustangs Magazine.

Marc Christ Mustang Muscle hdr
March Chris and his father with the Mustang. it always turns into a father/son project, right?

In many classic muscle builds restorers have become used to being able to buy parts for fixing up body and trim, however with a car this “new” a problematic issue is that a lot of the parts are not yet available over the counter yet. This is the case Marc encountered in restoring his ’88 Mustang. Since the car was a bare shell, a lot of parts would be needed to make it whole again. A 1993 Fox body was donated by MPS Auto Salvage for other parts (which helped immensely)… although not all parts interchange between an ’88 and ’93 as he later discovered. Ah, the joys of auto restoration.

25th Anniversary Hypersilver Mustang waiting for paint and assembly
25th Anniversary Hypersilver Mustang waiting for paint and assembly

This particular car is being built in somewhat of a Pro-Touring road-race theme. Some of the interesting specs include coil over shocks all around, an off-the-shelf mini tub kit, rear 315/30ZR18 NTO1 Nitto race compound street tires, six point roll cage, subframe connectors, and new jacking rails. Willwood brakes are positioned on all four wheels and many new goodies under the front round out the braking and handling. Of course the engine will be a highlight of the car and Marc is going with a 600 horse, 427 Windsor based, Jon Kaase Racing Engines’ P-38, push rod crate engine. The P-38 system will feature a cross ram intake manifold that will catch the eye and flow some air.

I am looking forward to seeing the Hypersilver Mustang and Marc at the 2013 SEMA show coming up in the next couple weeks.

Thanks for the interview, Marc!

-Rob Kibbe


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