TMCP #180: Matt Maxwell Talks COMP Cam’s 500 Horsepower Package for an LS3!


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LS engine with FAST intake


This weeks podcast show was with Matt Maxwell, Technical Consultant from the Comp Performance Group. Matt works in the technical assistance group and helps people choose the correct parts for their engine projects. I asked him for a list of parts to use on my L92 engine to make a nice smooth, reliable 500 horsepower, and to give me an engine that would be just as happy driving my kids to the pool as it would be on the autocross track. The L92 is a common choice for people funding pullout engines that want the benefits of the LS3 (same 6.2L displacement, great heads, all aluminum components, etc.), but without the expensive LS3 price tag. That being said, the L92 is a VVT truck engine, so there will be more than a few planned tricks to make the package complete.

Comp Cams camshaft 54-469-11 is a pretty all encompassing cam (231/247 .05 lift) will have good torque at lower range. Matt assured me though that this cam will still sound great have a nice rumble to it. The L92 comes from the factory with Variable Valve Timing (VVT) camshaft but Matt recommended to eliminate the VVT in this instance since we were changing out the cam anyway. He said Comp does offer VVT accessories and they can make very nice high performance engines but it was not applicable in my situation.

FAST 102mm intake manifold
FAST 102mm intake manifold

 102 Style Intake Manifold The  102 MM FAST car style intake flows better than the stock GM unit, and also looks a little fancier. A new stock drive-by-wire LS3 throttle body is going to be added to it and will flow nicely with the smaller bore, non stroked engine I am planning. Matt explained the differences between some of the intake manifold offerings Comp has available. Also we will be retaining the factory style ECM and drive by wire throttle system since changing to anything else would worth less than 5 horsepower.

26926-TS Valve Spring Set will be required as the factory springs with the cam chosen would not last very long. These 26926 springs work great with the cam chosen and is essentially a matched set. The kit comes with tool steel retainers that are lighter than chromoly while still retaining a high level of strength.

Comp Cams 7106 Double roller timing chain set
Comp Cams 7106 Double roller timing chain set

850-16 Lifters set Matt told me that most of the time you can stick with the stock lifter set but he recommends replaceing them if your junkyard engine has more than 75,000 miles. The LS engines are a little more tricky than old small blocks for changing them in the car. Since I have my engine out and torn apart he is recommending the new lifters.

13702-KIT Rocker Trunion Upgrade Kit upgrades the factory rocker arms to parts like what is in the higher end full roller rocker arms. The kits adds new trunions and upgraded bearings all held together with snap rings where the factory setup was just pressed together.

FAST Billet Fuel Rail
FAST Billet Fuel Rail

Push Rod Checker 7702-1 will be required after most of the engine is reassembled as the new cam, heads, and everything else will affect push rod length. Once everything is mocked up, you can use this checker to accurately order a new set of push rods. Matt also recommended the heavier walled/stiffer .105 push rods as compared to the .80 wall thickness with my particular setup

LS 50 lb fuel injectors FAST
LS 50 lb fuel injectors FAST

7106 Timing Set is one of the newer double roller timing chain sets Comp offers. This set goes with the newer L92 four pole cam sensor reluctor as compared to the older style LS1 type cam sensors

146027-KIT Billet Fuel Rail will look great on this engine. The stock fuel rail will handle most power applications but the FAST Billet Fuel Rail adds strength, and looks to any LS engine build.

Fuel Injectors 30507-8 (50 lb), Matt let me know that the stock injectors can handle quite a bit of horsepower but would be pushing the limits of their design. Moving up to higher fuel output injectors will insure optimum fuel delivery in higher horsepower situations.

If you have specific questions on the compnents that I chose (or would just like to copy the package for yourself) you can reach the COMP Cams Help Line at 800-999-0853 or reach them online at also has great articles and technical forums to post questions to.

Thanks for all of the technical help and thanks for the interview Matt!


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