TMCP #492: Peter Bergman, Bergman Autocraft – Developing, Marketing, and Selling High Quality NICHE Parts!

Happy New Year! Long time listeners know that I like to start each year with a great passion to career business story. My goal for this episode was to identify a company manufacturing their own small volume “niche” parts and to discuss their process entirely, with lessons learned. This year I got to meet Peter Bergman, the owner and creator of Bergman Autocraft. Peter’s company develops niche parts (I bought one) vets and resells other components, and performs restorations. He has a niche business, completely by choice. He was the perfect candidate!

TMCP #428: Blake Foster, SpeedTech Performance USA; “Big Front Tire” Pro-Touring Suspension from the Ground Up!

This week our guest was Blake Foster, President of SpeedTech Performance USA. Speedtech is known for many things, but as of late I’ve noticed a LOT of their product in the field, at SEMA, and at the track. The common denominator: BIG front tires are included in the suspension packaging, even on cars where there is often no practical way to do so (such as an A-Body GM car like a Chevelle or GTO). Blake’s mottos is, “why make great suspension just to run a 245 tire?” With that said…I needed to know more!

Yes, Holley is the official EFI source for The MuscleCar Place Network! If that’s not enough, they have just announced that with the help of Prestige Motorsports, Dart, and TorqStorm, they’ve concocted a 427 cubic inch, twin-supercharged combo that is capable of sending absurd levels of good old-fashioned V8 horsepower to the pavement! The retail value of all of the components totals up to $23,364.44 and all you have to do to get a shot at winning is to SIGN UP HERE! Here is the direct link to use:

TMCP #355: Dave Kass from QA1 – Bolt On Upgrades to Make the General Lee Handle!

In this episode of TMCP our feature guest is Dave Kass from QA1 Performance. QA1 has been a staple of suspension specific products forever, in both the race car and street car world. Their line of MOPAR specific products was intriguing to me due to my desire to help my General Lee be a little more like the car car the Duke Boys wished they’d have had!