TMCP #492: Peter Bergman, Bergman Autocraft – Developing, Marketing, and Selling High Quality NICHE Parts!


Bergman Autocraft:

Bergman Autocraft Dart in the Optima Search fo the Ultimate Street Car

Happy New Year! Long time listeners know that I like to start each year with a great passion to career business story. My goal for this episode was to identify a company manufacturing their own small volume “niche” parts and to discuss their process entirely, with lessons learned. This year I got to meet Peter Bergman, the owner and creator of Bergman Autocraft. Peter’s company develops niche parts (I bought one) vets and resells other components, and performs restorations. He has a niche business, completely by choice. He was the perfect candidate!

Peter of course grew up with a craving for driving and going fast ever since he got his Dart in high school. He has driven and modified his Dodge Dart well over 250,000 miles and has changed almost everything suspension, power, and handling related. In fact he has run this car in countless autocross events including the OPTIMA Search for the Ultimate Street Car.

Bergman Autocraft has become a boutique style business, offering complete solutions to your muscle car speed issues. When it comes to creating, manufacturing, testing, and selling low volume “niche” parts, Peter gave a lot of lessons learned in regards to development, testing, pricing, patent protection, and the like. There’s a lot to unpack here. As the old saying goes, “if it were easy everyone would do it!” 

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Thanks Rick!

-Rob Kibbe

This interview sponsored by our pals at National Parts Depot – your premier source for muscle car restoration parts!



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