TMCP #575: Life on the Auction Block with John Kraman – LIVE INTERVIEW From The MECUM Auction Sales Floor!

This week we have a special interview that was recorded LIVE from the auction floor interview at MECUM in Houston Texas. Our intrepid producer Bernie McPartland caught up with TV personality and voice of MECUM Auctions on The MotorTrend Network, John Kraman. To say John has been in the car business a long time does little to explain just how long. This was an insight into what has become the biggest collector car auction company in the world, all told from the catbird seat!

TMCP #550: Live From RoadKill Nights 2023: Special Feature – Talking to the Dodge Boys While Drag Racing On The Streets Of Woodward Ave In Pontiac Michigan

Live From RoadKill Nights 2023: Special Feature! Scotty Stap was onsite to talk to the OEM Dodge Boys While Drag Racing On The Streets Of Woodward Ave In Pontiac Michigan. This special feature episode on The Muscle Car Place is brought to you live from the streets of Pontiac Michigan. We were road side at Woodard Avenue where they closed the road and setup a drag strip for the event called RoadKill Nights. Every year RoadKill nights brings action, excitement, and new automotive experiences to Michigan (and other midwestern states) automotive enthusiasts. This year was no exception!

The main difference in the event this year was that they moved  North from its typical M1 Concourse location up to one block off from Downtown Pontiac. The car show was actually held on the streets of the famous southern Michigan town. This made the main event area a little tight and the Thrill Ride cars were ALWAYS sideways. As a result the ride itself was shorter but it was still a great event for 2023.

Our on the scene reporter Scott Stap was lucky enough to catch up with some old friends from Dodge and Stellantis who were on the “inside” track of all of the outgoing Chargers and Challengers. He also got some insight on the new Charger (electric) to come. That said, this was the final chance to talk about Dodge’s outgoing Last Call vehicles.Enjoy!

TMCP #473: Steve Rupp – The Life and Ever-changing Times of a Magazine Writing Superstar

This week, marks the return of Steven Rupp! You may not remember hearing Steve on this show unless you go way back to one of our very first interviews in episode 37. Back then he was working for Camaro Performer magazine and loving it! He started at Motor Trend as the Technical Editor for Popular Hot Rodding before moving to the Camaro only publication where he wrote tech articles as he built fast cars. He went on to helm Super Chevy Magazine as well as other publications and is today one of the most highly read authors on the MotorTrend family of website magazine publications. I ran into Steven again and thought it would be great to get an update on what he has been up to, and most specifically to understand how magazine for him has changed since 2010. To put it short…..nearly everything has changed except the love for cars!

TMCP #457: Mike Finnegan Returns – Zany 200 MPH Cadillacs, Hemi Powered ’55 Chevy’s, and YouTube Stardom Tricks!

This week I caught up with a very special friend of the show, Mike Finnegan. I met Mike on The Hot Rod Power Tour in 2015. That later fostered into a friendship that launched the Kibbe and Finnegan Podcast in 2016 (which today is the Kibbe and Friends Show). Mike’s best known as the host of popular automotive shows Roadkill (Motor Trend), Finnegan’s Garage (YouTube), and Faster with Finnegan (Motor Trend). More importantly than all that, he’s LOVES to make hilariously fun automobile projects with his friends and share them with the world. That’s the subject of today’s discussion!

TMCP #392: Sean Holman of The Truck Show Podcast; Loud, Proud, and Sometimes Annoying – Ask Rick, Why Isn’t All Shipping “Free?”

In this episode I spoke to Sean Holman, half of the Lightning and Holman duo that hosts the hit podcast “The Truck Show” for Motortrend. Mike Finnegan introduced us and the two shows have collaborated on a few things over the last year. Sean has always been fascinated with automotive topics and trucks but his start is not the typical story. Early on, Sean obtained a degree in criminal justice and wanted to be an officer. Unfortunately he did not like the bureaucracy and started looking for alternatives to his chosen career.  On Sept 11, 2001 he was working in a Boeing factory working security supporting the Shuttle missions and had to make sure the plant was shut down and secure right after the attacks. Employees were watching the skies and listening to silence, unsure of what would happen next. Sean made the jump out of security right after that, by making contacts at Primedia and working his way into being the associate editor of Truckin’ magazine.