K&F Show #225: Memorial Day Movie Review – The 2 Hour Tommy Boy Spectacular

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Movie Review ReRun: Friends, prepare to enjoy a re-review if what is quite possibly the greatest road-trip movie ever made: Tommy Boy! Chris Farley and David Spade play (basically) themselves in this odd-couple MOPAR trip that saves the employees of Callahan Auto – and the town of Sandusky, OH itself – from the inevitable corporate takeover bearing down upon it. Chances are you have this movie memorized inside and out already. If you don’t, take a dump in a box and mark it guaranteed because you apparently have spare time. Plus, we have did the entire Second Hour of the show for the Patreon audience and have included it here….so if one show isn’t enough, two is going be as smart as taking the Butcher’s word for on a T-Bone steak. PERFECT 10 CORNDOG RATING.

Note: The original first hour of our Tommy Boy review was original published in October of 2019 in Episode 126. For the first time ever we are re-releasing this review, complete with the additional second hour that was for our Patreon only audience! This baby is 2 hours of jam packed movie quotes, GTX trivia, and insider MOPAR knowledge that brother just gotta hug about. Enjoy!

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TMCP #345: 2018 Inspirations #2: Michael Seymour’s Tale of Working INTO His Dream Job at Holley Performance

This weeks interview is another story of inspiration for the new year, but this time the feature is on someone that found their dream job in the automotive industry….but only by starting on the outside first! Our guest is Michael Seymour. He is now the Digital Direct Response manager at Holley Performance Products, but he was not always employed in the automotive world. Not that he is I thought it would be fun – and helpful – to share his journey story.