TMCP #527: SEMA Show 2022 Special Finale! Holley Performance, Legendary Interiors, Meguiar’s Car Care, Send Cut Send (One Off Hot Rod Parts), and THOR (Electric Tesla Mufflers)!

SEMA SHOW SPECIAL 2022 – Episode #4

Our Fourth special show and “Christmas edition” of SEMA 2022 coverage is now live! Our full team was onsite for the show and grabbed a litany of fun interviews that we know you’ll love. Some interviews were scheduled in advance, but many were new and fun discoveries found on the fly. This show has old friends and new ones which is exactly what you want from your SEMA entertainment. A SEMA is a great place to catch up with people and find out about new products in the industry.  Enjoy!

SendCutSend Car SEMA 2022
Blane Burnett, Holley Performance: I was able to catch Blane Burnett at the Holley booth because as he put it, Blane was always at the Holley booth during SEMA. He was able to show many interested customers the wide variety of products now offered on and let them see how easy it is to look up products and to find a local approved installer to help make the correct choice. He walked me through some of the new offerings which may be surprising to some people as Holley is known for EFI and Carburetors, but they sell much more than that. They produce many engine installation parts and swap kits for all brands at great prices and quality built. Blane said that Mopar products are coming on strong and Holley offers a full line of Gen III HEMI swap parts so you can put a “HEMI into anything.” There are many brands now under the Holley umbrella from restoration parts to suspension parts and even fuel fittings all from brands you know like Earls and NOS. Check them out at and tell them The Muscle Car Place sent you!
Brian Ridley, Legendary Auto Interiors: Legendary is an East Coast company that specializes in OE style interior parts. Brian has been in the business for a very long time and had some great stories about researching the correct interior for a vehicle. He is able to help customers find the right parts based on the option codes in a classic car and the source the products based on customer expectations. He had examples of each in the booth where one was accurate recreations of the original seats with the original style grain in the vinyl. Sitting right next to it was a ’69 Roadrunner that Legendary was able to source original vinyl from that was date coded from 1968. From that they were able to create seat covers that looked 100% factory! Rob’s ’64 Chevelle and ’69 Charger (General Lee) both have custom interiors from Legendary that match a factory look as well. You can contact them for your interiors needs or to get a catalog sent to you at
Mike Pennington, Meguiar’s: Mike is very passionate about protecting your paint! A good show car paint job can run into multiple tens of thousands and it a huge investment in your vehicle. Good cleaning and protection processes can keep that investment shining even when you are not driving it. He pointed out that you can even alter the appearance of your ride by changing the protection product from a super high gloss to something less shiny but still have great protection for the paint. The new product everyone is looking at SEMA was the dark wheel protection. These wheels have different use requirements but still need protection in the rough environment that wheels go through. You can find out more at
Jim Belosic SendCutSend booth SEMA 2022
Jim Belosic, Creative people generally want to see their ideas come to life in a timely manner. In todays tech savvy environment you can buy almost anything on the internet and in this case you can not only find it, but you can create it! Jim Belosic, Founder and CEO of, took time to talk to me about why SendCutSend was founded and how they offer parts at close to the same price as just buying the raw metal. As “software guys that loved hot rods” they saw an opportunity to offer the home DIY enthusiast a way to make their own water jet or plasma cut parts without having to buy a CNC or learning how to program G code just to make a handful of parts. SendCutSend has gotten so popular now that they buy enough metal to get great discounts and then they are able to gang up to one hundred customer designs on to one sheet. This economy of scale lets them get parts cut in a very low time frame plus they can pass the discounts on to the customer. If you want to check out other customers projects or see how they built the car in their booth, check them out on
Chris Butora THOR/TopGear: Chris Butora talked to me about the new “Mufflers” they have created for Tesla and other electric vehicles that actually add sound to the experience. You can configure the THOR units to have different noises from Lamborghini to BMW or from Fighter Jet to a Moo-Cow (or other barnyard animals)! Chris said that they are releasing new sounds often and there will always be something to try out. Check out  where they are always posting something and you can check out the existing sounds as well as the updates to listen to. Also check out for even more information.
This episode concludes our coverage from SEMA 2022. In our humble opinion, this was the best one yet! Thanks for listening and your suggestions along the way. Next week will mark our Christmas Finale Show fo 2022!
-Rob Kibbe

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