TMCP #348: Jeff Allison Returns! Full Details on Jeremy McLellan’s ’66 Chevelle Build – And it’s Debut in the Ron Francis Wiring Booth at SEMA 2018!

Want to hear something crazy? In this show, you will. I’m launching a product with a team of buddies, and it’s been years in the making. AND….it’s not an automotive product either. It’s a baseball tee! It’s called the Magic Tee, and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen on the market. Listen to the show for the story. We go to Kickstarter on Feb, 27, 2018. Here’s the website too!

And now back to the cars! This weeks interview is with a name show followers will recognize, Jeff Allison of Allison Customs. Jeff is the one responsible for making my dream of rebuilding my families Chevelle into a Pro-Touring competing, SEMA show attending, and magazine article page turner wonder car. He is doing it once again this time for Jeremy McLellean’s 1966 Chevelle and it too is going to SEMA. If you want to build cars for a living – on the side – you can. Listen in.