TMCP #201: Mike Cavanah and Jason Pecikonis: How They Built The ’66 Chevelle Grand Sport

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Mike’s ’66 “Chevelle Grand Sport”, built by Jason Pecikonis, owner of Timeless Kustoms.

This weeks show features an car owner and builder duo! Jason Pecikonis, owner of Timeless Kustoms, and car owner Mike Cavanah came on together to talk about their relationship and 3-year process of building a bone stock ’66 Chevelle shell into the amazing ’66 Chevelle “Grand Sport” that you see here. Since I’ve gone through the exact process myself (as a car owner) with Allison Customs, I thought it might be fun to see how other owners and builders have worked together as well. Turns out we both had a very similar experience; building a car made us great friends!

’66 Chevelle Grand Sport Interior. I’m a sucker for white on red!

Mike developed his love of muscle cars and sports cars as a kid. His step-dad, Jerry Summers, was a stunt man for the movies and he used to visit the movie sets to see the driving action in person. He grew up driving various sports cars and he even learned how to drive in a ’68 Corvette, but it was not until later that he discovered muscle cars which eventually led him to buy a 1969 Camaro. He did not like how the Camaro drove so he decided to started from scratch and went to Jason at Timeless Kustoms to build a Chevelle Grand Sport.

Since 2005, Timeless Kustoms has been built up by creating amazing builds for owners looking for nothing but the best. It’s worked well as his shop is full, he has a dedicated and talented staff, and he’s never really had to advertise!

Mike approached Timeless Kustoms with the idea of a building a car, and since he had a history with Corvettes and sports car type racing vehicles the idea of a Grand Sport themed Pro-Touring vehicle seemed only right.

As a bit of a humble self plug, part of the decision to go the Pro-Touring route was influenced by The Muscle Car Place Podcast as well friends of the show like Bill Howell, and owner Larry Callahan. Mike’s life history of great handling cars made this style of build a perfect fit.

1966 Chevelle Grand Sport engine by Scoggin Dicky
1966 Chevelle Grand Sport engine by Scoggin Dicky

Timeless has built several Chevelles before, so they know where the weight is supposed to go for proper handling. Jason started building the car from the frame up with an Art Morrison Chassis up front with C6 Corvette style suspension, and carbon ceramic brakes all the way around.   The motor is a 418 LS3 based stroker engine and was machined and built by Scoggin Dicky in Texas making over 800 horsepower. Jason has used many engines from them with great success.

Moving back on the car, the transmission is a T56 with ACT dual disc hydraulic clutch, Detroit locker 9 inch rear end, 3.73 gearing, and 31 spline rear axle. Jason says with the way they built this car, the only thing you feel while driving it is the suspension working. The Chevelle Grand Sport is very solidly designed and will do exactly what it needs to do. Mike plans to start racing it soon and is excited about seeing what the car can do but plans to ease into it.

To chat about cars you can contact Jason Pecikonis at Timeless Kustoms Camarillo California or call 805-384-9959. Better yet, they’re hiring! Currently they are looking  fabricator and an assembler in the Camarillo area.

You can also reach Mike Cavanah at or see him on Instagram @donovan962

Thanks for the great interview Mike and Jason! See you on the track.

-Rob Kibbe


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