This may be a funny question, but did the world’s most famous Dodge Charger – The General Lee – teach world renowned Rally driver Ken Block how to drive?  It’s an interesting question, I know (and if you’re not interested, don’t worry – there is a cool video at the end of this that you’ll dig).

The General Lee….doing what he does best!

As muscle car lovers, we’re all familiar with the General – the orange ’69 Charger made famous in The Dukes Of Hazzard TV series and movies.  The General was slinging sideways and jumping on dirt roads long before most Americans even knew what Rally racing was.  Never heard of Rally racing?  You’re missing out….but that’s a topic for another day.

It’s likely that people of Ken Block’s generation grew up with television shows like the Dukes of Hazzard, and though I don’t personally know Ken or have any real proof of this, I’d say that his driving style is eerily similar to that of Bo and Luke Duke.  Granted, he’s driving a modern all-wheel-drive Subaru that likely handles a bit better than the General did, but it’s tough not to see the similarities.

See video below to prove my point…..but be careful not to drive soon after, because you’ll want to mimic a few things you see here.  This is from the BBC show ‘Top Gear’.

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