TMCP #529: Ask Rick – New Year 2023! Ken Block Memories, Pickup Truck Restoration Market Growth, Return on Investment Cars

Happy New Year and welcome to 2023! It is once again time to talk with Rick about the burning questions of New Year’s goals, blue chip muscle cars, and the best the restoration market will continue to grow (likely trucks). Unfortunately, as most of you have likely already heard, the death of Ken Block is where the initial focus of this episode is dedicated. Ken left a legacy in our work akin to Dale Earnhardt in some way, and he defined the pursuit of passion. He had two entirely different careers in founding DC Shoes and Hoonigan, and he is one person who will always leave an impression on all of us who are following in his footsteps. In the end though, he was a man who had a wife and three children, all of whom are now without him. Our sincere condolences and prayers go out to all of them.

K&F Show #248: New Year’s 2023 Car Dreams – Corndog’s Pick for the Dukes Review – S1E7 “Luke’s Love Story”

Presented with Holley! Christmas is over and it’s time to look forward to spring break. How about April 28-30 in Las Vegas at Holley LS Fest West?? If an LS based (or current generation LT V8) engine is powering your ride or if you are considering a swap to LS power, this is your event! Race cars, street rods, muscle cars, trucks, late models, drift cars, prerunners, Ultra 4 buggies – you name it, if it is powered by an LS/LT there will be something here for you! Take part in the Drag Racing classes, Autocross, 3S Challenge, Show-N-Shine, Sac Speed Shop Donut Pit, Dyno Challenge, Road Course Challenge, off road Dirt Destruction and more! 

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Corndog’s Dukes Review: Well, this is kinda how I see it… y’all are all about some Hallmark movies this time of year… so this was about the closest thing to it….“An independent strong-willed girl comes to town… she falls in love with a local boy who is sometime wild and hard to tame. He falls in love with her too, but knows that it’s gonna be hard to change his ways and settle down. But wait… ole girl’s ex-boyfriend followed her into town and doesn’t want to see the new relationship flourish! So local wild boy steps in to protect ole girl and save her honor. They kiss… tell each other how much they love each other…… and then she skips town, never to be seen or heard of again”.

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Did the General Lee teach Ken Block how to drive?

This may be a funny question, but did the world’s most famous Dodge Charger – The General Lee – teach world renowned Rally driver Ken Block how to drive?  It’s an interesting question, I know (and if you’re not interested, don’t worry – there is a cool video at the end of this that you’ll […]