TMCP #523: SEMA Show 2022 Special #1: Hydrogen Powered Coyote 5.0 with Mike Copeland and Charles Moore from Bosch, Trent McGee on Autocross, Drag Race, and Rock Clawler Centerforce Clutches – NPD’s Matt Laszaic on the SEMA ARMO Committee – Stephen Wynne, DeLorean Motor Car Company


SEMA SHOW SPECIAL 2022 – Episode #1:

Mike Copeland, Rob Kibbe, Ford Falcon H2

The SEMA Show is back for 2022 and I got to return to Vegas for the first time since 2019! I even got the whole crew to go along and record some amazing “live from the floor” content. Bernie McPartland and Scott Stap brought their microphones to capture the interactions and sounds of the largest car show ever disguised as a trade event. We were able to get so many interviews that we will be producing a bonus show with some of the extra good stuff just for you.

This is the first of multiple SEMA Special podcasts for 2022 and I am excited for you to hear about some of the incredible news and products coming in the future. In this episode Mike Copeland brought yet another game changing automobile and introduced me to Charles Moore from Bosch who is working him inject the alternative fueled vehicles he is creating. I met Stephen Wynne, the owner and savior of the DeLorean Motor Car company.  Matt Lasziac was there with NPD talking about the ARMO committee for restoration manufacturers and I chatted with Centerforce Clutches head of marketing Trent McGee in their comfortable booth.

Mike Copeland, H2 Ford Falcon: Mike Copeland has never been one to relax and contemplate on his previous accomplishments. Last year he rocked the world with a very nice running Hydrogen powered pickup. This year he one upped himself with a Coyote powered Ford Falcon powered by Hydrogen fuel  running in a Ford engine and making even more horsepower! The factory Ford setup already ran a duel direct and port injector system, so Mike’s setup ran Hydrogen injectors into the direct-injection ports and water injectors int the port fuel injection locations. What really makes this so game changing is that it is all packaged in a small car with no major external cues indicating it’s alternate source of power, other than the trick “blue dot” style taillights created by Aaron Oberle of Machine Worx in Michigan. Even the original fuel door covers the gas filler socket for a totally OEM look. Mike not only brought the H2 Falcon to SEMA but raced his 1948 Chevy 3100 Hydrogen powered truck during the OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational – live at the the SEMA Show! (Fabricator and “Wheel Man” Aaron Oberle did the driving while Mike was working.)
Charles Moore, Bosch Engineering: Mike Copeland brought “Bosch into the aftermarket” with the Hydrogen fuel project. Bosch has been working with Mike to create the power from H2 that was previously missing in a hydrogen power solution for the aftermarket. Charles believe there is a huge potential in the technology once infrastructure is made more readily available. Bosch is helping to make sure the powertrain is sorted out for when the fuel stations start popping up around the country, which are actually slated fairly soon for Over the Road Truck applications. Charles walked me through various parts in the system and the regulations that they will have to meet to get approval for general street use and sales.
Trent McGee, Centerforce Clutches Head of Marketing: Centerforce Founder Bill Hayes started Hayes Clutches in 1958 and built up the business quickly. When it sold he still had a lot of ideas and wanted to implement and later went on to found Centerforce. Specifically, Centerforce Clutches introduced the world to centrifugal force clutch fingers that increased the clamping force as higher rpm’s cam on, but negated the release pressure (i.e. your left leg) to release it for shifts.
Trent has a history in rock crawling and overlanding, including attending every “Ultimate Adventure” off road trip since the beginning. He said that Centerforce Clutches work great in that environment as it reduces heat and can handle the abuse without fading. If it can take that kind of workout it is great for any muscle car or auto-crossing situation too! The DYAD clutches in particular have a huge presence in the OPTIMA series, and Trent clarified why, where, and how one might need to consider something like that (they’re effectively a “stack of clutches”). Check them out at
Matt Laszaic, NPD: I caught up with Matt once again and asked him about the Automotive Restoration Market Organization (ARMO) a SEMA committee that he is a part of. It allows member companies to work together to ensure that vehicle restoration market continues to flourish. Matt said being a part of ARMO allows NPD access to information on how to grow and get more value out of network connections. I did ask him what vehicles were catching his attention at SEMA and he said he was most drawn to vehicles that NPD caters to as he can see the potential in the products they carry. Long story short, Matt likes the Mustangs!
Stephen Wynne, DeLorean Motor Car company
Stephen Wynne, owner of the DeLorean Motor Car Company: Stephen has a long history with DeLorean motor cars going back four decades and is responsible for resurrecting the car company and providing parts to keep them going for years to come. He is also looking at future power sources for small quantity DeLorean builds under the Low Volume Vehicle Manufacturer’s Act.
They are looking at EFI options but have to think about CARB emissions compliance to keep it legal. He did say that demand for Delorean parts is still going strong and even increasing as people dig out cars from barns and start restoring them. At the same time, DeLorean is moving forward with a new car called the Alpha 5 shortly. This will be a uniuque electric car that retains some of the DeLorean charm, but akin to the 21st century. No, it won’t have a flux capacitor…but it will learn where you like to stop for fast food – really! Check them out at
Stay Tuned for more SEMA content
-Rob Kibbe

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