TMCP #519: Ask Rick; The 2024 Mustang, Attending the SEMA Show (Or Not), and The Reality of Fake “Flash Parts Sales!”

2024 Mustang Dark Horse


Rick Schmidt – Ask Rick:

Happy October and Happy Halloween! It is the time for all of the ghouls and goblins to listen in to a new edition of Ask Rick!

Rick’s Take on The 2024 Mustang:

This month I spoke to Rick about the future of the new 2024 Mustang that Ford recently debuted to the public. To cut to the quick; Rick is a fan of the ’24 Mustang already. He disagrees with many of the social media comments that state the car looks like a Camaro mixed with something else, and believes that the iterative design change on the previous model is nicely done. He thinks that once they hit the street and people actually see them in person that it will really take off.

Rick’s Take on “Fake Parts Discounts”

Rick is always confident about his business practices and thoughts about how to ethically sell to his customers. Since we have many listeners that run shops and also sell parts, the question often comes up about when to have “sales and discount” like they see elsewhere online. Rick made it clear……the “sales” they see are usually just a smoke and mirror tactic to help a customer feel good,  but are not actually a genuine discount. It’s all baked into the cake of the overall company pricing. Yes, some companies have flash sales on high commodity items with a huge ROI (think plastic widgets on Amazon), but when it comes to niche items like classic car parts….the price you end up paying is (and always was) the real price.

NPD doesn’t play the game of this on purpose as they’ve always wanted to offer the best most fair pricing they could – regardless of the time of year – and back it up with excellent customer service. Their niche is sourcing the best parts possible, stocking them in house, and pricing them fairly. It might sound old fashioned, but where other companies have come and gone, NPD has stood the test of time!

Rick’s Take on “Fake Parts Discounts”

This month on the eBay picks I chose three cars which are all Mustangs in honor of the new Mustang. The first one actually sold while we were talking and is a 1989 Mustang GT Convertible, white with Red leather interior, It was a fixer upper but was restorable as a daily driver. Rick actually owns the last Fox body Mustang GT to drive off the line in 1993 so can appreciate this style car. The next car was much higher on the scale and was a 1993 Mustang SVT Cobra with under 50k miles. Rick said that these cars are very hot right now and this one had a very collectible color combination (he has one in the collection with just over 100 miles on it). The last car, and the newest was a 2021 Shelby Cobra GT 500 with the carbon fiber track pack option. This is the kind of car that Rick likes to collect and his only complaint was that it did not have a clutch pedal! 😉

You can find out more about NPD at the website National Parts Depot, or on social media via or on

Thanks Rick

-Rob Kibbe

This interview sponsored by our pals at National Parts Depot – your premier source for muscle car restoration parts!


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