TMCP #499: Jon Chase – Making a Change Again And Using It To Help Kids Mental Health

Jon Chase


Jon Chase:

Our guest this week is once again the man who is the master of changing his life to do amazing things, Jon Chase! Jon is a well known name in the auto-verse and I must admit that I was a little shocked when he announced he was leaving HOONIGAN to resume his own art brand, DSTROYR. The goal though was specifically around raising awareness for children’s mental health. I asked him on the show to shed some light, and he agreed!

I had him on the show way back in episode 159 where he detailed his rise from launching his own DSTROYR line of clothes to designing the most awesome model cars for Maisto toys. Later on in episode 368, he dropped the bombshell of moving on to work with the guys at Hoonigan, developing the brand, and becoming a staple of all that Hoonigan was. You have seen him on Hoonigan episodes as well as a great grudge match drag race against Mike Finnegan in classic shoebox Tri-5 Chevys.

There are two sides to every story and Jon has experienced this in his time at Hoonigan. When he started, the group was very small and he was key to guiding the art and outcome of the business. It quickly grew and changed direction and the responsibilities got exponentially bigger and the stress and time away from home grew as well. On the outside everything looks like fun and games but it became a hard, fast paced environment that pushed the limits of his health. The effort and stress started taking its toll and he knew he had to make a transition to something he can enjoy and control. You only get one lap around this life and he wanted to make a difference in another place.

Jon Chase’s ’55 Chevy

Jon is moving on once again, but this time it is working for his own line of clothing by relaunching his art brand DSTROYR. He loves to draw and create and being his own boss allows him the creative freedom to make what he has a passion for. He can also focus on his family and help with things he was missing out on previously. The surprising thing he found out was that people were ready and waiting for his art to make a come back. He has a ready audience hungry for what he is selling in fine art prints and apparel.

Jon is using his talents and art to help bring awareness and funding to children’s mental health charities. This is very close to him personally and his family and he knows he can help bring attention to it and get help for some great kids. Maybe his efforts can even save a life if they get the help they need. If he can help just one kid, he knows it it will all be worth it.

You can catch Jon on his Instagram at You can buy DSTROYR clothing and art at

Thanks Jon!

-Rob Kibbe

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