The MuscleCar Place Podcast – Episode #97 – John Sumners and His ’69 Mach 1!

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John's '69 Mach 1

This week’s podcast show guest is John Sumners from Texas. John contacted me recently to tell me he’d been enjoying the show and also to tell me about the dilemma he has had with his ’69 Mach 1. Since buying the car he decided to do a little drag racing with it, and as all racers have found, a little racing leads to a little modifying, and then a little more modifying, and then the next thing you know you end up with a race car wearing license plates! In the interview John described his purchase of the car, the work he’s done, and the fact that his little boy Gus loves to work on the car with his dad. I’ll include a thread that John had shared with me that tells the story well below.

Gus, the REAL driver of the Mach 1?

“I have very little drag racing experience prior to running my 1969 recently.  I knew I wanted to play on the track some and the Snap-On race just gave me the bug bad.  I have recently install a line lock/roll control on my front brakes and a two-step rev limiter to get serious about playing at the track.  My IHRA official friend that I told you about (Michael) has been coaching me and at this point I really I just need some practice.  I think I have an aptitude for it since my reaction times are already better than many of the seasoned guys out there.  There is a big money “index” race next weekend that I would love to run in (12.00-12.99), but we will see what my family commitments are going to be.  Gus, my 2 year old, is not quite ready for a quarter mile ride along, although when I deck the throttle while cruising with him, he just screams go go, so I may be creating a monster.  There will be a point where I put him in a junior dragster to let him decide if this is something he likes as well.  I did not have that opportunity as a kid or else who knows what I would be racing today.  I can dream, right?”

John, I couldn’t have said it better.  Thanks for the interview!

-Robert Kibbe

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