The MuscleCar Place Podcast – Episode #86 – Get your car on a new TV show!

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Feature Segment

Submission information for cars.

Our guest this week is Stacey Roeder, a Casting Producer from Reveille Productions. Reveille is a production company that does a lot of reality and scripted/non-scripted shows (like “The Office” and “The Biggest Loser”), and right now she is in the midst of pitching a new show called ‘AutoBiography.’ The show will center around the restoration of cars that have at least a 3-owner lineage and will focus not only the restoration of the car, but it’s history as well.  Stacy’s job is to get a couple of sample shows ready to pitch, and if successful it will head into production on a major network.

Here’s where we come in, as Stacy needs our help. As you might guess, finding a car with known lineage isn’t exactly easy. In fact, most of the time it’s pretty close to impossible. That being said, if you have a car with a known historical trail, Stacy would like to hear from you. The production company would be purchasing the car from you for the purposes of the show, so DO NOT submit your own car in hopes of getting a free resto-job out of it. Also, they’re looking for restoration shops to participate as well! If you feel that you have a worthy shop, submit your story and info to Stacy (all contact information is below). Initially they’re looking for shops in the Los Angeles area, but if the show goes big shops everyone could be considered.

Car Submission Information:
Contact – Stacy Roeder at 323.790.8021 or e-mail

Shop Submission Information:
Contact – Stacy Roeder at 323.790.8021 or e-mail

Submission information for shops.

-Robert Kibbe | Muscle Cars for Sale

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  1. I am a 1970 el camino owner and am building it to be my street cruiser while I build a big block for her. I would love for yall to talk to spectre about their LS7 midengine 1970 el camino. Its a beautiful car.

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