The MuscleCar Place Podcast – Episode #67 – Santa Claus is Back!

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Feature Segment

This week’s guest is a man that needs no introduction. Many know his as Father Christmas, Old Saint Nick, Pere Noel, of something like that, but we’ll call him the name we know best, Santa Claus.  Santa was on the show last year, and he just couldn’t get enough. See if you can figure out which muscle car Santa likes best…because he may have let it slip!

In the interview we get a recap of the year so far for him and learn that there is STILL time to get on the nice list this year. Make sure the kids hear this one….and follow Santa on Christmas Eve with the NORAD Santa Tracker. Enjoy!

The Real Reason for the Season

If the hustle and bustle of Christmas has you missing the point of it all, not to worry. Linus Van Pelt helped Charlie Brown with the same question a long time ago, so I’ll take his lead here and read Luke 2: 8-14.

Thank YOU!

This is the last podcast from The MuscleCar Place for 2010. Thank YOU for listening all year long, and helping me chase the dream of loving old cars for a living.  See you in 2011!

Merry Christmas from The MuscleCar Place and have a Happy New Year!


-Robert Kibbe

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