The MuscleCar Place Podcast – Episode #26 – Bolt In Chassis for GM Muscle Cars by Street Rod Garage

Episode 26 is ready to go for this week’s muscle car podcast from The MuscleCar Place!

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1) Just in time for Christmas – the perfect present for a car guy. Get your car on the cover of Hot Rod magazine! (Also Muscle Car Review, Super Chevy, Popular Hot Rodding…..) – go to

2) This week the Mecum Auction will be in Kansas City  on Dec 4 and 5 – also live on Discovery HD Theatre.  KC Classic Auto is one of our fine dealers, they’re in that area and are taking over 8 cars.

3) Our Industry Interview with Chris Sutton from Street Rod Garage.  They’re building new hi-tech chassis for GM and F body muscle cars!

Street Rod Garage GM A Body Chassis
Custom chassis for GM A-Body Muscle Cars by Street Rod Garage

4) Questions Segment:

  • From Martin Dawson:
  • From Darren Rayborn:
    • “With the possibility of Yenko making a come back, what were some of the names of the other similar dealerships that did that same type of ordering/modifying?”
    • My answer:  Check out

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-Robert Kibbe

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