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Today’s Car: Authentic Dukes of Hazzard General Lee from the AutoTrader Commercials! 

Here is your chance to own a true piece of television history! Up for auction is one of the six General Lee’s used in the very popular AutoTrader Commercials. SGL1, which stands for “Stunt General Lee #1”, is a 1968 Charger with a column shifted automatic transmission and a big block 383ci engine. This car was one of the more solid cars built for the commercial. The car received a full roll cage which extends into the trunk compartment as well as the engine bay. The engine bay has a large hoop from side to side that serves as a massive shock tower. The trunk compartment has the fuel cell towards the rear of the car and the battery was located behind the left wheel well. Right in front of the fuel cell is a plate that was welded to the floor with two pieces of tube welded upright. Since this car was built for jumps, the crew would slide weights on the tubes to help balance out the car.

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The K-frame has a massive skid plate welded to the front. Not only did it help on landings, it also strengthened up the K-frame. Square tubing sub-frame connectors were installed which the body very rigid. The rear end is an 8 3/4.

Just like every other stunt vehicle built for the commercial, the interior was strictly business only. The car did not have much as far as interior components like door panels, carpet, console, etc. During the commercial, this car had a special hand brake that was used to help slide the car around. There were also two racing style bucket seats installed on a special frame that was built on the floor. The crew left only one seat in the car.


The car performed all of the smaller jumps and was jumped a total of six times. With the body reinforced as much as it was, it was very rigid and took the landings very well. During filming, the ground was soaked… which is good because it almost served as a cushion on the landings. When you see the General Lee bust through the barn, that is SGL1. The car’s biggest jump was at the end of the commercial when it is jumped through the dealership window. At the end of filming, John Schneider and Tom Wopat autographed the dash. This will probably be the last Dukes related production with the original “Bo & Luke” (John Schneider and Tom Wopat)… which is sure to help the value.

Of course, this is an actual screen-used stunt vehicle. The car is not perfect and was not built to be perfect. If you want a “perfect” car, then go buy one of many replicas that are available. But if you want a true piece of history that is unique and is sure to go up in value, then this is the car for you. When the crew built the cars said that they did not not disconnect or cut any wires during the build. If lights work, or do not work… they were like that when the car was built. Basically, when you buy this car, you will need to give the car a thorough inspection before you try to drive it down the road. The car was built with a specific purpose, and that was to fly down dirt roads and perform small jumps.

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