Skiing a Mustang - Bobby Ore

TMCP Podcast Episode 162 – Bobby Ore Motorsports: Stunt Driving Master School

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Skiing a Mustang - Bobby Ore
Skiing a Mustang – Bobby Ore

In this episode our featured guest was Mr. Bobby Ore, world class stunt driver, stunt driving school instructor, and (according to Bobby) ” just your average good looking guy.” He’s the owner and operator of Bobby Ore Motorsports, a driving school that specializes in teaching stunt driving, tactical driving, and law enforcement driving techniques. Hal Needham (the director of the cult car-guy film Smokey and the Bandit) recently was quoted as saying that Bobby has the best car control stills of anyone alive. Best of all….he’s self taught!

Preparing for Dukes of Hazzard Stunt
Bobby instructing Sean William Scott in preparation for the 2005 Dukes of Hazzard movie.

As we learned in the interview, at a young age Bobby was interested in learning how to do the automotive stunts he saw on TV and in movies. At age 13 he bought beater cars and used them to teach himself stunt driving, and even taught himself how to put a car up on two wheels (skiing) using wheels mounted with a hard trailer tire and a well placed board as a ramp.

In 1996 he opened Bobby Ore Motorsports with his wife Roslyn after being asked for years to teach others his skills. They now offer multiple classes year round to the public and government agencies in one day or multi-day events in two locations; California and Florida.

Bobby did mention that originally he only offered a single all-inclusive stunt driving class but now has split into two separate courses, mainly because the first part is so intense that students need a little time off to recover and let the training soak in before attending the advanced training.

In the level one course students drive frown-wheel-drive cars are introduced to his “shuffle steering” technique (which involves the driver passing the wheel back and forth while keeping their hands at the 8 and 4 positions on the wheel). In the level two course they move to rear wheel drive cars, drifting, and tighter tolerances on everything.

Bobby Ore and the General Lee
Bobby Ore and the General Lee

Bobby has a vast resume of stunt driving in movies and TV. His start was on the Dukes of Hazzard TV show, and he was later called on to perform a ski the General Lee in the 2005 Dukes of Hazzard movie.

Another stunt that put Bobby into and ON  the Guinness Book of World Records cover was his successful attempt to drive a double-decker bus on two wheels at the request of Princess Diana for a charity event.

For more information on the school visit the Bobby Ore Motorsports website.

Thanks for the interview, Bobby!



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