TMCP Podcast #168: American Modern Insurance’s Resurrection of a Smashed ’65 Chevelle!

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American Modern Insurance 1965 Chevelle Front End Damage
American Modern Insurance’s 1965 Chevelle

This weeks interview is with Rick Drewry, Collector Car and Motorcycle Sr. Specialist in claims at American Modern Insurance GroupHe received his automotive inclination from his dad and now has over 30 years of experience in collision claims (and knows all about about repairing classic cars inside and out). He’s the guy that shows new insurance auditors the quirks of collector car repairs and how to accurately assess values of different vehicles.

Rick is also the star of an online series called “The Build” where they are currently restoring a totaled 1965 Chevelle Malibu SS that had literally crashed through a brick wall! Everyone on staff at AMI is getting the opportunity to work on the car, now matter what their position. Rick felt that the best way for everyone in the company to truly connect with their customers was to (essentially) become like one of them!

AMIG "The Build" GTO frame being prepped for use in the Chevelle
A GTO frame being prepped for use in the Chevelle

Throughout the course of the series the Chevelle will be returned to it’s former glory, but with a few nice upgrades here and there (think wheels, brakets, etc.). People following the work will have the chance to participate by vote on paint schemes, components, etc.

If you would like to follow “The Build” you can check out their Facebook Page  or you can subscribe to their YouTube videos at the American Modern Insurance Channel

American Modern Insurance Group (AMIG) is the classic car insurance powerhouse that is behind the policies at many major insurance companies such as Geico. AMIG has claims adjusters that are trained to know about collector cars and how to repair them right. Not only are they trained, but they are “car guys” to begin with and have a passion for old vehicles.

Rick Drewry recording yet another episode of "The Build"
Rick Drewry recording yet another episode of “The Build”

One thing that sets AMIG apart is the training center where the actually wreck a classic car so that a claims adjusters can asses the damage and then actually do the work to put the car back to pristine condition. This gives AMIG adjusters hands on experience so when they see damage in the field they know first hand what it will take to fix it.

Since I had him on the phone I did spend some time asking Rick about some of the intricacies of classic car insurance in general. He went into depth explaining the differences between “Stated Value” and “Agreed Value” policies and how can they affect your payment in case of a claim.

We also dug into the policy restrictions that most companies place on collector car insurance (such as a limited number of miles driven per year, not taking it tow work, etc.) and even talked about coverage during race events!

Thanks for the interview Rick!

– Rob Kibbe

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