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In our first show of 2013 our guest was with Jeff Ford, host of the online restoration TV show AutoRestoMod. AutoRestoMod is a WEEKLY online restoration TV show that teaches tips, tricks, and techniques that all muscle car restorers and fans can benefit from!

Jeff and Vinnie of AutoRestoMod
Jeff and Vinnie of AutoRestoMod

During our interview Jeff shared some of his background. When he was a child his mother would comment, “If they opened up your head, little cars would pour out”. This was a forewarning about his future with automobiles!

He’s lived all over the country and has mainly been involved with the automotive industry in journalism and publishing. He worked at Source Interlink where he was (among other things) the editor of Mustang Monthly.

As his career progressed and he was searching for new opportunities he noticed that more and more people in the 55 to 70 age range were logging on to YouTube and looking for automotive related information. This knowledge, and the show Film Riot inspired Jeff and his cousin Gina Witters (along with husband Vince Witters) to start their own weekly internet TV show.

AutoRestoMod Tee Shirt
AutoRestoMod Tee Shirt

Jeff said he found that producing a weekly show is rather daunting, but they have been able to do it regularly since 2010.

Donations of equipment, and a premier sponsorship from National Parts Depot has allowed them to produce a TV quality show with plans to expand in the future.

Jeff answered some listener submitted questions regarding how and where the show is produced. He also let us know that AutoRestoMod is a highly volunteer production with many people working on it after their normal job is done for the day (Jeff himself is the only full time employee). You would never know it to look at the results.

Thanks for the interview, Jeff!



Steve Park's - 1964 Nova
Steve Park’s – 1964 Nova

Steve Park, our most recent COMP PERFORMANCE GROUP gift certificate winner! Steve is the owner of a beautiful Chevy Nova and the $750 will help make it even better.

Thanks for listening Steve!



The Prize Segment sponsored by the COMP Performance Group is back, and it’s back BIG!  Entrants can enter to win a HUGE $750 gift certificate that will be awarded quarterly, and there are two ways to enter:

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The next winner will be chosen on March 1, 2013!

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