TMCP Podcast #156 – Scott Petersen’s Hilarious Movie Clip Tribute

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My pal Scotty P and I. I lost the hair. He didn’t.

In this week’s episode, and especially since it’s Thanksgiving, I decided to break from the normal path of automotive themed guests and do a tribute show to my pal Scott Petersen. Scott was a great friend that I met early in my college days at Iowa State University in the drumline, and we quickly became great friends. I will always be thankful for that.

We played drums together for years, learned to lead groups together, majored in the same field, took the same classes, and even both met our wives in the marching band. After college we lived just a few miles apart in Minneapolis and got together often (maybe weekly), and when my wife and I moved back to Ames we saw Scott and his wife Sara (and later, their boys Christoper and Ben) several times a year. We kept playing drums together as well, as recently as April of 2012 in the ISU Alumini Drumline group that we started….just to get the chance to play drums with our friends.

Like anyone who became Scott’s friend, he made you feel closer than a brother and is someone I will miss dearly until I get to see him again. He had a way of making people feel like the best versions of themselves – like superstars – and I attribute a lot of the fact that I decided to go out on my own and try my hand at a business to Scott’s influence on me… that’s why you’re getting a buddy show instead of cars this week!

In addition to being a super creative engineer, great husband and father, and an awesome drummer, Scott also loved funny movies and would insert lines into every day life. I decided to pull together a clip show of several of Scott’s favorites, so I hope this show will be something that keeps you cracking up all of the way to Grandmother’s house on your Thanksgiving drive this year. We did our best to bleep out the swear words, but no guarantees! 🙂

In this show you’ll hear a little bit of drumming from the Iowa State Drumline, plus a whole lot of movie clips from the following:

Tommy Boy
Happy Gilmore
Planes Trains and Automobiles
Airplane II
Christmas Vacation
SNL: The Best of Chris Farley

Have a Happy Thanksgiving 2012.

-Robert Kibbe

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