TMCP Podcast #154 – SPECIAL EDITION SEMA Show 2012 – Part 1

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In this week’s episode I had the chance to meet with a bazillion different people throughout the industry and to record several interviews across the board. This show will be the first of two of our shows recorded live from SEMA Show 2012! Each featured guest is listed below!

1.Eric Saltrick,  Steele Rubber. Eric chatted with us about the growth of the industry, the future of muscle cars, and of course Steele’s wide catalog of rubber products. They’re now producing newly redesigned components for first Gen Camaro’s, all of which are made in the USA!

Rob with Eric Saltrick (Steele Rubber).

2. Mark Stielow, Camaro God. Mark spend a few minutes chatting up about his latest ’67 Camaro build, an 800-plus horsepower LS9 powered machine named ‘Mayhem (which he would go on to win the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational with). Mark has been a previous guest of the show and was one of our most popular guests!

Mark Stielow running his ’67 Camaro named “Mayhem” at the 2012 OUSCI (he won).

3. Scott Bowers, Ron Francis Wiring.  We chatted with Scott a bit about his hottest sellers, and what what it was like to make to to SEMA while fighting Hurricane Sandy.

Rob and Scott Bowers (Ron Francis Wiring)

4. Mike Williams, “The King” Edition Petty Challenger. Mike Williams was a lucky person to meet with and walked us through his 2010 “King” edition Petty Challenger. Mike has built many cars but finally his wife asked for a newer reliable car to attend cars shows with. They decided on a 2010 Challenger and approached  Petty’s Garage to build it. Mike is also from Ames, IA and is an Iowa State alum as well!

Mike Williams and Rob

5. Chris Holstrom, Chris Holstrom Concepts. I got the chance to chat with my old pal Chris Holstrom while drooling over his ’66 Chevelle in the DynoMax Exhaust booth. We talked about the build in great detail, including the Art Morrison chassis, handmade dash, electronically actuated emergency brake, the big block under the hood, and more. Jeff Allison got in on the interview and got great details from Chris about how to really prepare a car for SEMA. Chris also shared about how he’s built his business into a full time profession (he used to be a youth pastor and a mechanic).

Chris Holstrom’s ’66 Chevelle!

6. Chris Douglas, COMP Performance Group. In our chat with Chris he talked about about a special award given to John Menzler of COMP Performance, the SEMA Person of the Year award. He also ran us through their all new COMP Cams 4 STAGE CAM as well as the all new FAST EZ-EFI 2.0 system, a bolt on self contained system now capable of supporting up to 1200 horsepower!

Chris Douglas (COMP) and Rob share a laugh at the end of the day.

Thanks for the interviews, guys!

-Robert Kibbe

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